Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Fun

Lots going on in the past week. We are on week number two of summer time with Tony, Jordon, Dustin and Shenira. We've been keeping busy with family reunions and spending time in the pool. If only the weather would warm up so we could enjoy it even more! We also got Gabe's appointment for U of M and will be going there on August 21. John and the kids having fun at Airway Lanes driving the go carts. This was the first time that Shenira was able to drive one all by herself. She did very well but did scare one of the attendants when she almost ran him over...ooops!Dad and he crew after go cart racing! This was at the Rockwell Family Reunion on Saturday July 25th. This is Dustin jumping from the dock onto the raft to scare one of his cousins! From this picture it looks like he's not going to make it...but he did.This is still at the reunion. This is Tony showing off. He was letting Grandpa know that they were bored and that he needed to spice it up a little. Well Grandpa gets the last laugh as it wasn't to much after this that Tony was sitting in the water waiting to be picked up. On Sunday July 26th we went to Aunt Debbie and "Ankle" Carl (this is what Gabe calls him!) house for a little family cook out. This was our last chance to spend some more time with Aunt Jean before she went back to Florida. The above picture is Gabe and his Great Grandma Kempton. These picture are precious to me as I don't have pictures with Great Grandparents. Did I mention that it was freezing cold and very winding which is why my grandmother is wearing the funny scarf. She was being funny.Everyone should have someone to look up to like this. When I look at this picture I can just see the enjoyment and wonderment in Gabriel's face as he can't wait to see what "Ankle" Carl is going to do next. The funny thing about the nickname that Gabe has given to Uncle Carl is that Gabe is perfectly capable of saying Uncle and calls ALL of his other Uncles, Uncle but not "Ankle" Carl. Next to Kelly I think that "Ankle" Carl is Gabe's favorite person he loves to follow him around and to talk with him. I'm so glad that my son has so many influential people in his life. Now this is my child with no fear. One night while swimming he says to me Mama go get your camera. One day I'm pretty sure he will stop saying that to me but for now I JUMP at the chance to take as many picture as I can. This boy went from being afraid of the pool last year to FEARLESS this year. His character is unlike no other and I love watching how his is growing and what a brave boy he is becoming. This could mean trouble later but for now I'll just enjoy it!

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