Monday, July 20, 2009

I spent Saturday morning with my mom at the Calhoun County Relay for Life. My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in October 2008. She had no symptoms and had no reason to have a colonoscopy other than her younger brother had one done and his doctor told him that if he had any brothers or sisters they needed to go have one done right away. Her cancer was removed in November and all test have shown that they were able to get all of it.
I've participated in several of these events in the past but this one this year was so much more important. Our family has had several members that have passed away from cancer but having it happen to my mom hit way to close to home. We are all so grateful everyday that it was caught so early and was able to be removed. She is a true treasure to us and life without her would not be the same. This is my family from left to right: Jennifer(sister),Alan(dad),Dawn(mom),Josh(brother) & me.This picture is mom with her kids, a few of her 11 grand kids and dad. Picture of grand kids on a pirate boat.
(Harrison, Haley, Ethan, Hayden & Evan)
Aunt Meme and Harrison playing one of the games. Each tent had neat things for you to do or buy and all proceeds went to Relay for Life.

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