Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July Fun

To say that the Fuller's had fun over the Fourth of July weekend would be an understatement. For the past two years we have spent our Fourth of July weekend at the Indian Lake Nazarene Camp for Family Festival. This is the best as they have several activities all day long for EVERYONE! I hope you have a little time to enjoy my pictures below. These are just a few of the 100+ pictures that I took in two days. If you are every looking for something fun to do over the Fourth I highly recommend coming here. They fill up fast so book early.

This is Gabe with his new little friend CaydenceGabe and Mommy on the boat to watch fireworks!

Daddy and Shenira
Lots of things for the little kids to do. This is Gabe
enjoying himself very much on the obstacle course.
Gabe taking a stab at Robo Surfing. He did pretty good
for a four year old. Most of the small kids wouldn't even
get on it at all. Dustin Robo Surfing
Jordon's turn.
Shenira was probably the best at this.
Even Tony took a spin.

There is a craft barn that Gabe and I love to go to. You can pick out a ceramic craft to paint. I know that this probably won't last for two many more years but I'm going to enjoy it for as long as he will do it with me. Gabe is very particular about his colors and exactly how he wants it done! Watching his face while he is working is so much fun. This is the best $5.00 spent all weekend. Here he is painting an owl for his Great Grandma GG.
Special one on one time with Mommy. He picked an Elephant out for me and a bunny out for himself. He had just finished painting his bunny when he bumped it with his elbow and it fell on the floor and broke. The lady was so nice and felt bad for him and let him pick out another bunny to start over on.
Grandma GG, Gabe and Shenira getting ready to watch the Fourth of July parade.
Gabe was very excited about getting his first snow cone of the season!
This for me was the coolest part of the weekend. They brought in an Laura the elephant for the "kids" to ride. Our boys were telling us that they weren't going to ride but once they saw everyone else doing it they jumped on too. I put "kids" in parentheses because I myself could NOT wait to get my chance to ride the elephant too!! It was $10.00 for 4 people at a time to go for a ride. Well worth every dime spent!
Shenira, Mommy and Gabe getting our turn to ride Laura.
This was a prize that Gabe got for doing one of the games
We also did a family scavenger hunt, road our bikes ALOT and enjoyed the campfires.
John's Grandpa, John and I also took in a baseball game on Saturday afternoon. Good times.

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