Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shenira's South Haven Birthday Celebration

On Sunday we headed to South Haven to celebrate Shenira's 12th Birthday. First of all wow 12 she was just 4 when John and I meet and watching her grow up has been a great blessing to be a part of. This is the crew getting ready to enjoy a pizza picnic before we head to the beach. We were there for a little over 3 hours and what you are about to see are just a few of the 153 pictures that I took while we were there! With subjects like these it's hard not to go overboard with my hobby and passion.
This I'm certain is one of my all time favorite pictures of Jordon. It is very rare that I can get him to let me take a picture of him so when I get one like this it is something to cherish. Jordon is a great big brother to Gabe and Gabe loves him so very much.
At the beach Daddy helped Gabe and Shenira dig deep holes so that they could soak there feet into the water. They both love the sand and to dig. Shenira showing off her soaking hole! While we were eating dinner we all took turns telling what each one of us like best about her. (we got this idea from friends that do this for every special occasion and we like it) Her Dad said that one of his favorite things about her was her smile and I would have to agree when she smiles she can melt your heart. After helping the kids dig the holes, John played some football with the boys on the beach. Oh did I ever have so much fun taking these pictures. The boys had such a great time which I'm sure you will be able to tell in the following photos. Our "Payton Manning" look alike!Tony chasing after John. John chasing after Dustin! I love Dustin's face in this one. Tony getting some air on a catch.This picture is SO Dustin. I can hear his cheesy laugh every time I look at this picture. Me and my hubby, thanks to Tony for the great picture. Daddy with his littlest man.

Me with 5 of the best kids EVER! I know that I've already said this but I am blessed! Each one of these kids make such a difference in our lives and I love them all.
Shenira, You are becoming a beautiful young lady and I'm so proud to be your step-mom. Thank you for all of the things that we do together and for the time that you spend with me. I LOVE having a girl to shop with and scrapbook with. You are the best daughter anyone could ask for.
Happy Birthday Sissy We Love You!

Mom & Dad Copas' 30th Anniversary

Saturday my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. They rented a room at Das Esenhaus and asked us to all join them for dinner. When we got there Papa wanted to take the grand kids to play mini putt-putt. We stopped for a few photo along the way this one is one of my favorites. To bad that 7 of their grand kids were missing from this picture. This is Hayden and Hayden turned out to be an impressive putter! He was showing us all up big time until he decided that he would rather go on ahead of the group! Good thing because I'm pretty sure he would have beat us all.

This is a mama Kill Deer that did NOT pick a very smart place to lay her eggs. This was in the middle of the 18th hole. She was very upset with us when we got to this finale hole to play. She tried everything that she could think of to move us away from her babies.

Mom and Dad at Dinner. After dinner we took swim suites so we could swim but not all of us made it into the pool. Most of us ended up not feeling well after dinner and spent much time in the restrooms! My sister was a trooper though and went in with the little kids. Gabe had a blast!
Happy Anniversary Nana and Papa we love you!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mom

A friend posted on their blog a question that got me thinking last week. The question was: How has your mom blessed you?
The biggest way my mom has blessed me came before I was even born. At 17 my mom had to make the decision to give me up for adoption or to raise me. As a kid I had no idea the sacrifices she made to keep me. As a mom I now have a completely new respect for my mom and for the years that she raised me as a single parent. What a huge struggle it must have been for her. I thank God everyday that He gave her the strength and courage to keep me. Growing up I use to tell people that I was an Oops Baby. As my relationship and knowledge of God grows I've learned as an adult that's the furthest thing from the truth. God knew exactly what he was doing when he have my mom to me. He knew that we both needed each other.
I have never in my life met anyone as strong or giving as my mom. Our life may not have been easy but I have never heard her complain about anything. I wouldn't be the person I am today without her. She blesses me everyday just by being here, she has been the best at encouraging me and helping me with any and everything. She has spend sleepless night with me when my heart was broken and when I wasn't sure where my life was going. No matter what the situation she always knows how to fix it or can find the people that can fix it.
I remember almost 2 years ago standing in my garage after she called me to tell me that she had Colon Cancer, during our call I kept telling her that everything would be fine and we would just take one step at a time. I felt that in that moment I had to be strong for her, some how I managed to end that call without tears that day, but when the call ended it was my poor husband who got to witness my full break down. I keep telling him "this isn't happening, not to my mom, my mom can't be sick, I can't lose my mom and that I wasn't ready to be without my mom." He told me that day that everything was going to be okay and that we needed to pray we started praying in the garage and then continued praying everyday after that and with the support of friends and family by the time my mom went for surgery there were hundreds of people in several different states that were praying for her. I remember praying with her before they took her in for surgery and sitting it that waiting room for what seemed like forever waiting for the surgery to be finished. When that doctor came out to tell us that he was able to remove it all I was so thankful.
I didn't get to see my mom yesterday but I did talk with her on the phone and I thought about her all day long. At the end of this long story I would have to say the biggest way my mom blesses me is just by being My Mom.

I love you mom and I'm sorry this is a day late, Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day

My boys took such good care of me yesterday! We started our day off at Church where Gabe gave me a little flower in a pot that the kids had made. After Church we went home to pack a picnic lunch and change and then we were off to Binder Park Zoo!This is Gabe and I enjoying our picnic lunch. It was a little cool outside but ended up being an almost perfect day to be at the zoo. It was nice to be able to do everything and not be SO hot. But it was just a little to cool outside for the Giraffes to be out and that is the best part of Binder Park Zoo and this winter a new baby giraffe was born and we were really excited about seeing it. We will be back again this summer for sure due to having a membership and we are excited to be able to go and visit some other zoo's this summer as well.
Thank to my two boys for not only making my Mother's Day great but for making the whole weekend special.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Laides Tea at Chapman Memorial Church

Besides Prom last Saturday our Church had their Annual Ladies Tea. I didn't think that I was going to be able to attend this year and found out a week before that I was going to be able to make it, which is why I didn't host a table. I've hosted them i the past and love it but, I really enjoyed being a guest at a table this year. This year I sat at my friend Kelly's table and we had a great time. The above picture is Kelly's table and the below picture was one of my favorite table that was set up. This being one of my favorites because of the Yellow Roses which happen to be my favorite rose. My favorite flowers are Tulips but I do love yellow roses. I get that from my Mommy. These Strawberries they have every year and they are BEYOND to die for!!!! Oh they are so yummy. My mom and Aunt are having a baby shower for my cousin at the end of the month and we will be serving the same Strawberries there. I can't wait!

My friend Ronda made these totally awesome cookies for the tea. Last year she did amazing Cupcakes and this year it was cookies. She is amazing and we enjoy her talent every year.

Below is a chocolate cake baked in a Terra cot ta pot. They were perfect for our "Garden" theme. Beckie is amazing with all of the ides that she comes up with and she out did herself again this year with the help of a few other ladies.
If you've never been to a Ladies Tea it's a must do! If you've never been and want to, let me know and I will but you on my list to invite next year!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prom 2010

On Saturday night Tony went to his first Prom. Abby & Tony have been dating for almost 3 year now or just over 3 years, I can't remember which but for a High School relationship they have been together for a long time. They are both so good with each other. Seeing him all dressed up in his Tux on Saturday made my mind flash forward to the day that he gets married. Trust me I'm not rushing that day in anyway but the thought did cross my mind. Tony was 10 years old when I became a part of his life. Watching him grow up has been just an amazing thing. Not always fun but amazing just the same. As you can see he is a natural with the camera which is kind of funny because he is so shy.This is "his" beautiful girl Abby. She is so sweet and we love having her be a part of our family. They compliment each other well. The way to cute couple together. Tony's step dad let him barrow his vet to take Abby to the prom in. Tony didn't tell her until he walked her out. She thought that they were taking Tony's Grandpa's truck! Her face when she saw the Vet was PRICELESS and Tony was totally thrilled with her reaction.
They had quit the crowd of people to take there pictures that evening and drove off just like a fairytale. This was the first time that Abby's parents had let them drive together outside of the city limits of Vicksburg and they were both very excited.