Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ice Storm 2011

These are a few pictures from our Ice Storm. I had yesterday off and decided to take Gabe and the Dog for a walk so that we could capture some of the beauty. This is a bush in our neighbors yard. I love the color in it. This is a shot from the end of our road.

Another one that I thought was cool with new berries coming out. Poor things thought it was going to be spring...Welcome to Michigan!
This is the Dog taking Gabe for a walk!!! hahaha. It was so icy out that as soon as the dog would start walking Gabe would fall. Gabe was having a blast.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Caleb

Dave and Kelly's new grandson was born on January 24th which made them grandparents for the first time...unless you ask Gabe and Gabe will tell you that he is there first Grandchild and Caleb is their second. This past weekend we were able to go and meet Caleb for the first time and Gabe totally fell in love with him. I was so impressed with how gentle he was with him and how much attention he not only gave him but also with how well he did with how much attention other people were giving to him. Gabe thinks that he is Caleb's big brother and for us that's okay. Everyone needs a good big brother even if it's just in Christ! Here are the proud grand parents with "both" of their grandson's. Kelly couldn't wait for Gabe to meet Caleb and I love this special moment that the three of them shared. Caleb right now you have no idea what an amazing Grandma & Grandpa you have but oh someday you will. You are one blessed boy. Gabe stayed with Dave & Kelly at a hotel that had a pool but we didn't know that before we left so we didn't pack a swim suit. But when you're five....This works! I love the memories that he makes. What a crazy ham he is.

For The Love Of SNOW!!!!!

I myself do not care for snow, I don't like the cold at all and would be very happy for it to be 80 degrees all year round. My husband and Son on the other hand LOVE snow. This kid would play outside in the snow all day and night if we would let him. The only fun part of snow for me is getting to take pictures of this amazing kid! I have to be honest that there is something about snow that makes for great pictures.How could you not love this kid???? He is always up to something and having fun no matter what. I love the way his mind works and how he has fun even when he is all by himself.
All of these pictures were taken last Wednesday after the "blizzard" had come through. Gabe loves to snowmobile with his Daddy and was more than excited when Daddy got home from work and took him for a ride. I wish his smile was showing but you can for sure see just by his eyes that he was one happy camper!

Ohhh For The LOVE of SNOW!!!!!!!!

Elmo's Green Thumb

As a surprise for Gabe I called Kristi to see if they would be interested in going to the Elmo's Green Thumb performance that was at the Kellogg Arena. She told her kids what we were doing but for Gabe I kept it a surprise until we got there. Here is Gabe, Jayce & Ty showing off there tickets. Gabe was so excited. He loved seeing the show at Seaworld so much that I knew he would be excited about this one.

Cookie Monster is MY favorite!

Mommy and Gabe at the end of the show. I love doing things with this boy!

A New Year Means A New Round of Birthday!

Jordon's 18th Birthday was January 28th. We celebrated his birthday on the 29th. It was a small get together with Grandpa Fuller, Nana as his special guest. Grandma Fuller was in Florida but we got to talk with her via Skype. After Dinner and Cake John took him to the movies for a night out with just the two of them. Jordon's first birthday with me was when he was turning 10 we found those pictures the other night when we were looking at old scrapbooks. Boy has he grown and changed so much in the past 8 years. Jordon, I hope that you had a great birthday.This is Jordon with his half eaten cake the next day when we realized that we forgot to sing Happy Birthday to him the day before. We were cut short for time for John and Jordon to get to the movies and we forgot all about it. So here Dad is making it right the following day!