Monday, September 27, 2010

School Pictures

Last year after the price of school pictures went up again we decided that I would start taking a "school" picture of the kids instead of buying a pack of pictures from the school. We were very happy with the ones that we got last year and decided to do the same again this year. I love doing them this way because I can take several shots and pick the ones I want instead of the ONE picture that the school takes when you hope and pray that your childs eyes were open! Anyway here is one shot of each kid. I got a ton of great pictures it's going to be hard to decide.
Jordon - Junior Dustin-FreshmanShenira - 7th GradeGabe - Kindergarten
By the way for any of you that have been following along with me. My camera has been fixed and returned!!!! I'm a happy camper once again!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

St. Joe County Fair

We look forward to this fair every year. It's one of my favorite things to do with Gabe. Of course every year it gets a little more expensive but some how by the end of the night it's always worth the memories that were made.
This was Gabe's first ride choice of the night. He saved some of his own money so that he could buy a bracelet so that he could ride all the rides.This little monkey is the highlight of going to the fair. Gabe says that this is his favorite part and I have to agree that it's one of my favorite parts too. I've taken Gabe's picture with this money since he was 4 months old. If you give him a dollar he will let you pet his head. So of course we have to give him a dollar right?!?The Miracle of Birth Tent is my favorite part of the fair. I LOVE to go in and see all of the new little piglets that have been born. We didn't get to see any of them being born this year but we did get to watch it on TV. I wasn't sure how Gabe was going to handle this but he did pretty well. The first one that he watched come out he said "YUCK" but then he stood there and watched at least 4 others of them being born. On the way home he asked me if he came out of my Belly or Butt??? Way to funny.
One of the girls that was watching the Mama Pig got on of the little piglets that had just been born that day out so that we could pet it. Seriously I LOVE piglets how could you not love that face!
Another tradition that we have when we go to the fair is giving the Fire Department a dollar for a duck. We win a sucker every year but it's still something fun to do. I have pictures of Gabe doing this every year as well.
Just had to put this one in here because he is so stinking cute.
And last but not least the best reason of all to go to the County Fair......Well Elephant Ears of course!!!!!!!! Oh this one was SO good.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

Today was a big day for the Fuller's.
This little guy had his first day of Kindergarten.This guy headed off for his first year of High School
Our 7th grader Jordon getting ready to take on his Junior Year. He wouldn't let me take a picture of him, so I took this one through the window. Someday he will learn that I will get what I want anyway so he might as well just give up!Our Senior who isn't really sure that he is excited about being a Senior. He understands what the real world is when school is out and isn't really looking forward to it all that much. Mom & Dad with Gabe outside Indian Lake Elementary. We love this school and are so excited that Gabe is able to attend here just like all of his brothers & sister. We requested a transfer for him to attend this elementary.Tony was such a good sport this morning. I wanted a picture of him and Gabe together as it was Gabe's First Day of School & it was Tony's Last First Day of School. He was a good sport because he woke up at 8:15am this morning so that I could take this picture even though he didn't have to go to school until 11:40am and he even smiled for me! You Rock Tony!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall Is Here Already????

High School Football has started so that must mean that fall is here already! Where in the world did summer go?Dustin is playing on the Freshman team this year and is number 41. So far he has had two games and they are 1 & 1. Not a bad way to start off the year.
This is his fan club. John's Grandpa has come to both games so far. It's great having him there to support Dustin's team.