Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jordon's 17th Birthday

Once again we've had another fun birthday. The day started off with decorating Jordon's cake. This was my first attempt at decorating a cake all by myself. Even though this is something that I don't enjoy it felt good to accomplish the task all on my own. John was being a smarty pants all morning long while I was trying to finish my task but in the end I won!!!! Never mess with a women and frosting!
Jordon was 9 years old when John and I met it's hard to believe that he is now 17 years old. We've had lots of fun doing different parties for him. He continues to LOVE acting and so the past two years we've done cake to reflect this part of his personality.

Here he is with the finished product and he new Michael Jackson jacket that Grandma and Grandpa Fuller got for him. He was so happy to get this jacket.

Tony's girlfriend Abby came and where there is cake their is a cake fight if those two are together. Tonight however Tony didn't plan on girl power coming into play. Here he thinks that he has her right where he wants her. He did get her pretty good but what he wasn't planning on the fact that his Grandmother, Aunt and Step-Mom would grab him so that Abby could get her revenge!!!
Happy birthday Jordon. We love you.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year's Eve

What a New Year's Eve we had. Daddy had just gotten home from his Snowmobiling trip the day before. He had to work on New Year's Eve and also had to go to work for a little while the next day but that didn't stop us from having FUN!!!We started off our evening bowling in Battle Creek with Aunt Maribeth and Uncle John's family. This has become a tradition and we love it! Just in case you can't tell by Gabe's face above.Family photo of our fun night out. Tony, Jordon, Dustin and Shenira were with their mom this year. After bowling we headed to Tekonsha to my sisters house. Where we were able to shoot a little bit of pool and play cards. At around 10:00 we received a phone call that told his Gabe's girlfriend had made a surprise visit from Ohio to Michigan and wanted to know if we could stop by. So we were off back to Vicksburg to ring in the New Year with the Down's. This is ALWAYS so much FUN. Kelly gets out her pots and pans for the kids and a little Sparkling Grape Juice for us big kids as watch the ball drop. Those kids really whoop it up and bring in the New Year right! The best part of ringing in the New Year is being with the Man you Love.

Weekend at Nana and Papa's House

The Saturday after Christmas Gabe and I left to go spend the night at Nana and Papa's house while John took our older kids on a snowmobile trip. Going to Nana and Papa's is always fun and this trip was going to be extra special. We were off to the MOVIES!! Gabriel LOVES Alvin and the Chipmunks and almost as much as Nana! We decided to make a trip out of it and Gabe's Cousins Hayden, Harrison, Elizabeth, Evan, & Ethan joined us along with Aunt Jen and Aunt Brandy. We had a very good time and the movie was GREAT!After the move Ethan came back to spend the night at Nana and Papa's house with Gabe. This was the boys first sleepover together and they did pretty good. The picture below is one of my favorites. This is my dad aka "Papa" sitting in the back seat between the two boys car seats as we drove to my FAVORITE pizza place in Homer, MI. The boys were being silly and picking on Papa so Papa decided that he would show them!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009

Just like when I was a kids, I still as an adult can't sleep on Christmas Eve. John and I were both up at 5:30am on Christmas morning. While our children were all still sleeping soundly. At 8:00 am we couldn't stand it anymore and had to wake them all up! This brought joy to our two youngest however our teenage boys were not as thrilled about being awake at 8:00am on a non-school day! Below is our tree just waiting for little kids to come and enjoy.This may not be the best picture ever but, getting one of Gabe and I together is very rare and I cherish each one that I get. Ladies this one is mine and you will have to go and get your own super cool model for Christmas! I love how my husband makes everything that he gets fun. Even if he already knew about half of what he was getting. Down fall of having to shop together.
Santa didn't let Gabe down. Gabe no joking asked Santa for Shampoo for Christmas. He got 3 bottles. He also asked Santa for Tootsie Rolls and a cool Dinosaur House which he also got.
Dustin did Corn de-tasseling this summer and with some of his earnings he purchased a new to him but used snowmobile. So we thought it would be fitting to get him his helmet, snow paints and gloves that he would also need. John and I the kids minus Gabe enjoyed 5 days together snowmobiling in the U.P. the day after Christmas. Gabe and I enjoyed some one on one time together while they were gone.
Shenira with a movie that she asked for. She also got new earrings that she picked out.
This is Tony and Jordon opening the Family gift. The Wii Fit. I have to admit that this was a little bit of a selfish gift as I wanted it very badly :) But I'm sure that we will all enjoy the benefits from it! Tony and Jordon both got Class Rings this year for their gifts and The Rock Band for PlayStation 2.
All of our stockings after Santa filled them.
In our house Christmas is always a treasured day. Not just for what we get on that day but for what was given to us on that day many many years ago. We are so thankful that we have such a loving Father that provides for us EVERYTHING that we need. I hope your Christmas was filled with as much joy and happiness as our was.