Friday, May 11, 2012

Taking The Plunge!

I have been praying for a long time for doors to open up so that I could use my passion for photography more. If you know anything about me or if you ask any member of my family they will tell you that I live my life through my camera lens. I have a wonderful friend who knows that this is my passion and dream and for my birthday she bought me back drops and lights for me to use in "my" studio. After receiving this gift I spent months trying to figure out what I would call my "business" if I did strike out in this world of photography and kept coming up with nothing. I knew that when the time was right and that if I kept praying that God would cover all of my bases. So two weeks a phrase kept repeating in my mind "Jammi's Lens" but it wasn't quite right and then it hit me and what my family said made sense and so "Through Jammi's Lens" is now something real! Step one equipment..check, Step Two a name...check.  Three days after deciding on a name I get a phone call from a friend who is also a photographer asking me to assist her with a wedding shoot which brings us to step Four get a paying shoot...check & double check! 

These are a few of the pictures that started my passion and a few of the reasons why I love what I do.  

 Senior Pictures

I was not the paid photographer at this wedding for our friends Chelsey and Hector but since Gabe was in the wedding I brought my camera along and was able to get some fun shots of this day. 
 Ring Bearer's Caleb & Gabe
 The bride with her mother. These are the moments I never want to miss.

 The Bride and Ring Bearer sharing a moment.
 The two oldest Ring Bear and Flower Girl
 Sneaking the bride back into the building after formal pictures so that the groom won't see her before the wedding. 
 My favorite "The Kiss"

School Pictures
John and I decided a long time ago that we were not going to buy school pictures of the kids for two reasons first of all they want to much money for very few pictures and second why pay someone else to take school pictures when I can do it myself. We get the exact pictures that we want and we can get all 5 kids pictures printed for what we use to pay to get one kids school picture. 

So this is me taking the plunge, stepping out on faith and running with both feet on the ground and my eye "Through Jammi's Lens"
If you know of anyone looking for pictures to be done and like what you see here I would appreciate any help with getting started that I can get. We will be spending much of the summer in South Haven and I would love to do family shots there if anyone is interested you can contact me at or 269-501-2086. Looking forward to where God sends me!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Track 2012

Dustin is running again this year for the Boys Track Team and let me tell you the boy can run! We enjoy going to watch him run each week. 

A little behind....

This year for Easter we just had Gabe with us. He was pretty happy with his Easter Basket but,
 I think that he liked our new/used boat better! We are so excited about spending our Summer in South Haven this year as much as possible. John and I went the day before Easter to Milwaukee to pick up the boat. The picture below is Gabe standing in front of it Easter Morning. 
After some pictures at home we headed off to Church to celebrate Easter with our Church Family. This picture is Gabe and Jonas. Jonas is our youth pastors son and he and Gabe share the same birthday. So we always make sure to get a picture of the two boys every year and call them the Birthday Buddies!
Gabe with his Kelly Easter Morning 
 Gabe with Kati & Chelsey his girls! 
 Family Easter Picture for 2012. Kelly bought Gabe's Easter outfit which ended up matching my dress perfect! We couldn't have matched better if we had planned it. 
 Me and My Mama, Oh yeah were hot!! :) We were the special Easter Bunnies for the day. 
 Gabe stopping to smile for mom while he was hunting Easter eggs at Nana and Papa's house. 
 Nana & Papa's crew plus a couple of extra friends.
 Gabe got a scrapbook from Nana so he could scrapbook our Florida trip and Cruise. 
After the egg hunting fun. We all went down to a local park and played kick ball. Oh my word did we have fun. Papa decided that he was going to be a spring chicken and play with us to. I'm not sure that was such a good idea and we ended up having to stop playing before he hurt himself! The pictures below our the two teams that we had. I love being a part of a big family and to think our four other children weren't even there that day!

 This is our crazy dog with his new summer hair cut. We want to take him with us on the boat this year but knew that we couldn't do it with all of his hair. He makes such a mess. So we took him in and had him shaved. He looks pretty funny but oh what a difference it makes. 
 Lastly this little cutie turned 5 this month. She can be a little stinker when she wants but Aunt Meme sure does have a soft spot for this little stinker! 
 Nana made her cake this year so we had to get the traditional picture with Nana, the birthday girl & the cake. 

That bring up a little more up to date. Next month will bring Track, boating and more birthday!