Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

Our weekend started with a Bridal Shower for my "little Cousin" Heather on Saturday May 23. Yep I said little. I never thought that I would see the day when I would look at people and say man if they are this old and doing these things, I must be getting old. I had that happen twice this weekend! Heather will be getting married this summer on Drummond Island and we couldn't be happier for her.
Sunday after Church it was off to Nana and Papa's house to spend the night and enjoy the holiday time with family.
This is Haley and Gabe enjoying some left over chicken! We aren't sure what this new face of Gae's is but I'm blessed to get it almost every time I take a picture these days! :)

Daddy and Gabe REALLY enjoyed their Smores! A summer trip to Nana and Papa's wouldn't be complete without Smores!

Tekonsha has a great Memorial Day Parade every year. Here is Gabe's bike ready for the judging. He was so excited that he tied 3rd place with his cousin Ethan. They both got a ribbon and $2.00 to which Gabe has but into our cupboard at home so that he can send it the next time the Ice Cream Truck comes by! He did a great time riding his bike the entire length of the the parade. It is a long parade and at one point Gabe looked up at me and said " Mommy are we still in Tekonsha!"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Next Steps for Gabe

No pictures to post although had I taken my camera with me I could have given you a great one of Daddy and Gabe coloring while we waited to talk with the doctor.

Results from the CT Scan show that Gabe has a sever sinus infection in two different sinus areas, it also is showing that this is a reoccurring problem (to which we went yep we know that!).

So what's next??? Gabe will be on an antibiotic for a minimum of 4 weeks and a steroid for 1 week, once we have 7 days with not symptoms we will call the doctor and they will then schedule him for another CT Scan. The purpose of the second scan is to see if the antibiotics are working to clear the area or if they are still full even after treatment. In the past doctors have been treating him but not doing and follow up which is believed to be part of the problem as the infection never truly goes away. After the second CT Scan we will then know weather we need to be sent to an ENT or if they will need to do more extensive testing on him immune system.

We praise God that because Gabe has had to be on one kind of Medicine or another since birth that he is absolutely wonderful about taking them. This one whoever he doesn't care for at all and actually gags when he has to take it. We are praying that this will get better the more that he has to take it otherwise it could be a very long 4 weeks.

I must say that we (John and I) are so blessed to have been in trusted with this little boy that has such an amazing attitude, personality and heart. It's amazing how different all of our children are but we Thank God for each and every one of them.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chocolate Anyone?

Last night I had a Tupperware party and our Tupperware lady made chocolate! I can only say that if you and invited and weren't able to make it BOY did you miss OUT!! :) These were so yummy I just had to share! She did everything in the microwave. My kind of cooking!! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Throat X-Ray

After the CT Scan he also had to have Throat X-Rays done. Once again we got an amazing nurse that was so great with Gabe.

Here she is showing Gabe the machine. He is so fascinated with all of the machines. All in place.
After we were all done. He wanted to go see the Gardens at the hospital. He had to stop and make a couple of wishes! After this it was off to Burger King for dinner.
For those of you who don't know. Gabe has been getting high fevers and having other health issues for a long time. In the past 6 months he has been getting fevers about every 2 weeks. These are the first steps being taken to find out what is causing the fevers and keeps making him sick. We will continue to update you as we get more information. Now we wait for two weeks to get any results back.

The Power of Prayer

Gabriel had his first CT Scan yesterday. Before his appointment I sent out a mass email asking all of our family and friends to join John and I in praying for peace. Asking a four year old to lay still and not move is like asking most women to not eat Chocolate! Watching answered prayers in the moments is such a miracle in it's self.

This is Gabe Before we were heading back for the test.
His nurse was so kind. Here she is explaining to Gabe what the machine was going to do and asking him if he had any question.
Getting him all wrapped up. I think that most of us as adults would be a little freaked out if some took our arms and made it so that we couldn't move. This little boy just laid there and never made a sound or movement. They told us that we could bring his blanket and a toy. When I went to give him is toy he said "That's okay Mommy I can do it without them". What an brave boy he was.

They even put a chin strap on him and he still never fussed. We had several people tell us that there was no way that he would be able to do this without have to be put to sleep. We just told them that we were going to pray and see what happens. God is good ALL the time.

Daddy held a toy above his head so that he could see the lights and Mommy stood on the other side reading him a story. I have to tell you that he laid so still that we were done in 5 minutes. I wasn't even able to read the whole book.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Little Shenira is 11

Shenira was four years old when John and I met. Yesterday Shenira celebrated her eleventh birthday. I'm not sure where the time has gone? She is growing up into a wonderful young lady and I enjoy every minute that I get to spend with her. Shenira has become my scrapbooking side kick and we look forward to each event that we go to.

Shenira with one of her Flip Flop Cakes that my mom and I made for her.
Birthday Girl with her birthday sign. I make Gabe and Shenira a sign every year. The other boys are a little to old for them!

Great pose that our friend Kelly put her in so that we could get the cakes, sign and Shenira in the picture.

Almost finished product. On the day of the party we just have to add a flower to each cake.

My mom and I frosting the cakes. These cakes were almost not meant to be. On the way home one of the cakes fell into the other making a complete mess all over me and our car. Then we got them home and put them in the oven. I put a sign on the over "Cakes in Oven" So that I wouldn't heat the oven with them in it. Well sign or no sign I'm betting that you can guess what I did! Yep pre heated the oven with the cakes in it. I was able to get them out before to much damage was done and they were even eatable!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Hey Mommy lets make silly faces!

This is my first Blog attemp. Boy do I have a lot to learn.

Mother's Day 2009

Gabe was so excited to throw my first Mother's Day gift this year right into my face to wake me up! I'm just thankful that it was a towel! I also received flowers. We spent the morning at Church and then the afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa GG's house. Moving on to my parents house in the afternoon. Thought I would share a couple of the pictures from our day.