Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last night we took Gabe to the St. Joe County Fair. We look forward to going every year. Nothing better then spending time on little kid rides, stuffing your face with way over priced food and people watching! We met up with my cousin KatiBeth and her friend Brandon, saw many friends from church and some old school friends. A good time was had by all, even if we got a little wet before the night was over. Gotta love playing in the rain.Daddy and Gabe coming down the big slide. Mommy lucked out of this one Gabe wanted Daddy to do this with him instead of Mommy. Mommy was looking at all the steps to the top and had to give a little "Thank You Jesus" when Gabe picked Daddy!
But I did not get out of the round and round in circles ride...Mommy isn't much of a ride person and I really don't like going in circles, but I survived.

Giving this monkey money is a highlight of the fair. This is the one thing that Gabe looks forward to the most. We were trying to get him to eat dinner before we went to find the monkey and he really wanted no part of it. He was so worried that he would be gone by the time we got there.

The fair has a Miracle of Birth tent every year. We had just missed 10 little piglets being born. This little one that Gabe to touching is just minutes old. He was so excited. Gabe-"Hey Mom" Mom-"Yes Gabe" Gabe-"Can we take him home?" Mom-"I don't think so!"

Last but not least the night is not complete without an elephant ear! Ohhhhhhh Sooooooo Goooooodddddd!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vacation 2009 Part IV

Last but not least our travels took us to my Uncle David's B & B in Maryland. This is our most favorite place to visit. Everything there is so peaceful and you just feel completely relaxed when you are there. I have two Uncle's, an Aunt and several cousins that live in Maryland and it's so much fun to visit with them.This is Daddy and Gabe looking for salamanders

Trying to take some pictures of Gabe but he wasn't feeling very well so it was not a total success.Gabe and Daddy feeding the horses as the B&B.Stoney Creek Farm Bed and Breakfast. If you are ever looking for an amazing get away. I strongly suggest that you give this place a try. Simply amazing. One last try at a good picture of Gabe on the day we were leaving. This was the best one that I got. Might just make the Christmas Card this year???John sitting back reading the newspaper. I think he got to sit here and relax for all of 5 minutes before Gabe was ready to go again.Mommy and Gabe on the Metro heading to Washington DC to the National Zoo. This is one of my favorite zoo's not only is it free but it's so much fun and there are tons of animals to see. We had a great day, even though Mommy was feeling under the weather.
Daddy & Gabe
Mommy & Gabe
The thing that I loved most about this trip was that I was actually able to get from behind the camera to have some much needed pictures of Gabe and I together.

This is Gabe in front of the Gorilla exhibit. In the background is a Mama and Baby. The baby was SO cute. I could resist the chance to get my "babies" picture taken with the baby Gorilla.

On our way home the Metro was FULL we had to stand and hold this rail. Gabe wanted to be a big boy and do it by himself. It didn't last long as more people kept getting on the Metro he started to get a little nervous and asked his Daddy to hold him. Going back the Metro was full of all the people that had been in DC for the Tea Party. After getting home and seeing all of the people that were in downtown DC I'm glad that we only went to the Zoo that day. We thought that Sept. 11 would be a crowed day so we went on Sept. 12 not fully knowing the magnitude of the tea party rally. Everyone was very nice but we were glad to be back to our car.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vacation Part III

On our last full day in North Carolina Amy took us to a neat park and the Nature Center. We had a great time here. This day it was just Amy, Mina, Finn, Gabe, John and I as everyone else was back to school and work. As soon as I stepped into this park I new that my overwhelming need to take pictures would take over! How could you not with a place like this. To my great fortune my Cousin Amy is just as nuts about taking pictures as I am :)

The handsome prince.
Another shot with just the three of us.

Mommy and Gabe, we don't get very many of these kind of pictures
The cutest Vet EVER!

Vacation 2009 Part II

Our next stop was to Southern Pines for one night. This part of the trip was the only time that we stayed in a hotel. Gabe had been sleeping for a long time so when we got to the hotel a little after 10 pm we were a little worried about him going back to sleep. He decided he wanted to see which bed was more comfortable so we spend a good half an hour jumping back and forth from bed to bed. Now would this ever be allowed at home??? NO WAY, but hey we were on VACATION!! Plus less than an hour later he was sleeping like a baby again!

Then is we were off to see The Crawford's. This part of our trip was SO much fun. Not only are they a great host & hostess but good tour guides too! Our first day in North Carolina we enjoyed just sitting around and catching up with everyone, and watching Mina and Finn play together. Mina is a very good big sister (when she wants to be!!)

On our second day there Marc & Amy took us to this amazing Ranch that we were able to drive our cars into and feed the animals. This was by far one of the coolest things that I've ever done. Gabe was a little scared at first but once he warmed up he LOVED it as much as Mommy and Daddy did "I think"! We we first started we got a piece of paper that asked us not to feed the Buffalo or Long Horns...However, someone forgot to tell them that! They were putting their heads right into our car. After driving through the ranch we parked and had some home made ice cream (very yummy) and then went to another area where there were lots more animals that we could walk around and see. We were also able to get a nice family picture too! Mina and I

Finn & I, these girls stole my heart. It was all you could do to hold Finn and not kiss her chubby cheeks! They both have great personalities and it was so fun getting to meet them for the first time. We can't wait to be able to see them and all of the Crawford's again soon.

What a great day!

Vacation 2009 Part 1

This year our vacation had many stops and lots a new and old family to meet. Our trip started on September 4 and our first stop was to my Uncle Ken's house in Kentucky. This stop was a great half way point. We enjoyed catching up with family. We left our place at 8:00 am, stopped at Nana and Papa's house we before we hit the highway and arrived in Kentucky around 5:00 pm. A great friend of mine gave me the idea to wrap dollar presents and give them to Gabe when he started to get restless. This kid was an absolute gem to have on our trip. I think his Mama and Daddy got more restless then he ever did! Here he is opening one of his gifts, he was very excited. Gabe with his Cousin Maria.
Gabe, Maria & Kenny Jr. looking for tad poles!

Gabe and I both loved Uncle Ken's new little puppy. This is Gabe and I with Katie. We stayed in Kentucky for one night and then it was off to North Carolina.