Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vacation 2009 Part IV

Last but not least our travels took us to my Uncle David's B & B in Maryland. This is our most favorite place to visit. Everything there is so peaceful and you just feel completely relaxed when you are there. I have two Uncle's, an Aunt and several cousins that live in Maryland and it's so much fun to visit with them.This is Daddy and Gabe looking for salamanders

Trying to take some pictures of Gabe but he wasn't feeling very well so it was not a total success.Gabe and Daddy feeding the horses as the B&B.Stoney Creek Farm Bed and Breakfast. If you are ever looking for an amazing get away. I strongly suggest that you give this place a try. Simply amazing. One last try at a good picture of Gabe on the day we were leaving. This was the best one that I got. Might just make the Christmas Card this year???John sitting back reading the newspaper. I think he got to sit here and relax for all of 5 minutes before Gabe was ready to go again.Mommy and Gabe on the Metro heading to Washington DC to the National Zoo. This is one of my favorite zoo's not only is it free but it's so much fun and there are tons of animals to see. We had a great day, even though Mommy was feeling under the weather.
Daddy & Gabe
Mommy & Gabe
The thing that I loved most about this trip was that I was actually able to get from behind the camera to have some much needed pictures of Gabe and I together.

This is Gabe in front of the Gorilla exhibit. In the background is a Mama and Baby. The baby was SO cute. I could resist the chance to get my "babies" picture taken with the baby Gorilla.

On our way home the Metro was FULL we had to stand and hold this rail. Gabe wanted to be a big boy and do it by himself. It didn't last long as more people kept getting on the Metro he started to get a little nervous and asked his Daddy to hold him. Going back the Metro was full of all the people that had been in DC for the Tea Party. After getting home and seeing all of the people that were in downtown DC I'm glad that we only went to the Zoo that day. We thought that Sept. 11 would be a crowed day so we went on Sept. 12 not fully knowing the magnitude of the tea party rally. Everyone was very nice but we were glad to be back to our car.


  1. Sounds like an amazing trip overall. I bet you're glad you planned it as well as you did with seeing so many friends and family and also seeing great places.

    I'm thinking you really ought to do that "52 Weeks" thing. I can help you out with how to link your post on the woman's website.

  2. I've been keeping it in mind when I take my pictures as I realized that I too was staying behind the camera. I'm totally not with it on how to set anything up on my blog at all! My cousin helped me to change the wallpaper when I went to her place but to tell you the truth I don't think I could do it again. I would love any help that you can give me!