Monday, September 21, 2009

Vacation Part III

On our last full day in North Carolina Amy took us to a neat park and the Nature Center. We had a great time here. This day it was just Amy, Mina, Finn, Gabe, John and I as everyone else was back to school and work. As soon as I stepped into this park I new that my overwhelming need to take pictures would take over! How could you not with a place like this. To my great fortune my Cousin Amy is just as nuts about taking pictures as I am :)

The handsome prince.
Another shot with just the three of us.

Mommy and Gabe, we don't get very many of these kind of pictures
The cutest Vet EVER!

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  1. Hey Jammi,

    Just enjoying journeying through your trip one part at a time. It's important to get ourselves in pictures with our kids. There is a weekly blog carnival called "52 Weeks" that has you put photos in of you and your kid(s) and blog about them. It's fun and I've done 10 weeks so far. You ought to try it.