Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Big 40!

My wonderful sweet husband turned 40 this past Monday and to celebrate we had a party! I know what you are thinking "No way the Fuller's had a party?" haha. But yes a party we had.

This was the fun cake that I made for him.And this is the birthday boy that is such a good sport. I love that he knows how to have fun and can play it up with the best of them. He's been working on his "old man" walk and everything! Way to funny. Here he is with the Old Fart that his Aunt got for him we are now proudly displaying it on the shelves in the living room.When I showed Dustin the cake I had set it on the stove backwards so when I lifted the cover to show him he was way does it say "Oh"? Well I kind of thought it was funny so I took one of him with it the "oh" way and.....One with it the 40 way. So basically it's "oh 40"!I have to tell you that he still has it because he blew out every single one of those 40 candles (and yes I did put all 40 on the cake) in one blow. Of course the rest of us needed air mask to breath after he was done but we all survived. Not sure if you can tell very well but I had my brother the fire fighter there off to the right side of the picture just in case things went wrong!!! :) And no 40th birthday would be complete without a little entertainment. This would be by Wild and Crazy Uncle Carl getting a little pay back in. For Uncle Carl's 50th birthday John showed up after only knowing me & my family for a little over a week in a Grim Reapers costume and dead flowers. This made John a shoe in with my family and started a very fun relationship with my Uncle. Uncle Carl had a fun poem for him and a little hula dance as well. This was a great way to end John's Party. On John's actual birthday he left in the morning to run to the store while he was gone Jordon went out and drew this handicap person in his parking spot for when he returned. This was pretty funny and since it's in the garage it will be around for a while!

Happy Birthday Hunny I Love You!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Field Day

June 3rd was Gabe's first Field Day at school. John & I have been to many of these events with his older brothers & sister but I have NEVER seen the excitement in them like I did him this day. This boy was ready for field day!Me: "Hey Gabe are you having a good time?"

Gabe: "Oh Yeah"

(that is when I took this picture)

They did a water balloon toss for one of there events, Gabe & Kyle had WAY to much fun in this event. They were cracking me up with all of the faces they were making.
Each class had to draw a picture together as a class inside of a circle. My little artist was very intent to make sure that his "sting ray" made it to the water theme that they picked.

Next they were off to the area that I was helping with. The Obstacle Course. This is so much fun to watch the kids do.

Nice Kick!

Gabe with his best buddy Grant. They are not only in the same class but they are also on the same T-Ball team so these two have become good buddies.

After a long morning outside it's time for lunch.

I love spending time at school with him. What a great day we had.

Monday, June 6, 2011

One down 4 more to go!

June 5, 2011 was a big day in the Fuller House.

Anthony John Fuller graduated from Vicksburg High School.

We started our morning off with church. Every year on graduation Sunday our church recognizes all of the High School Seniors that attend our church and send them off with a little gift. Each graduate introduces themselves and then tells what their next step is. Tony will be attending KVCC in the fall and is planning on becoming a police officer. Family photo after churchGrandma Fuller & Tony after churchStep mom, Tony & Dad. Words can not express how proud we are of this kid. He is one of the hardest working kids I have ever met and knows what he has to do to get the job done. Anthony John Fuller Class of 2011He had many people come to share this very special day with him. This is the Fuller side of the family. Grandpa GG, Shenira, Tony, Gabe, Grandma & Grandpa Fuller, Jammi, John, Dustin & Jordon. Copas Side

Shenira, Gabe, Tony, Nana, Papa, Jammi, John, Dustin & JordonThis is one proud Daddy. His baby is leaving the nest but he is confident in the fact that after watching this baby turn into a boy and now a man that he has been given what he needs to face the world. This is a boy that had to grow up fast not by choice but by circumstance and is a completely amazing and wonderful man. The love that his dad has for him will never end. She has something wonderful to look up to.The start of the Commencement Ceremony, Tony walking with his best friend Josh Kosak.HE DID IT!!!!! Class of 2011 took a moment of silence to honor two class mates that had passed away (the two chairs at the 50 yard line with the flowers were there for them) then after that moment was done they celebrated with each other their accomplishments!The lady in this button is Lenore Fuller know to all of us as Grandma GG. Grandma GG was a huge part of all of our lives some of us longer than other but huge no matter the time. She wanted so badly to be at the graduation of her first great-grandson. She passed away in July 2010 and wasn't able to be with us in body today but in spirit is was a big part of this day. I wore this button today so that she could be there. Tony she was so proud of you.Congratulations Tony we all love you so much!