Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Field Day

June 3rd was Gabe's first Field Day at school. John & I have been to many of these events with his older brothers & sister but I have NEVER seen the excitement in them like I did him this day. This boy was ready for field day!Me: "Hey Gabe are you having a good time?"

Gabe: "Oh Yeah"

(that is when I took this picture)

They did a water balloon toss for one of there events, Gabe & Kyle had WAY to much fun in this event. They were cracking me up with all of the faces they were making.
Each class had to draw a picture together as a class inside of a circle. My little artist was very intent to make sure that his "sting ray" made it to the water theme that they picked.

Next they were off to the area that I was helping with. The Obstacle Course. This is so much fun to watch the kids do.

Nice Kick!

Gabe with his best buddy Grant. They are not only in the same class but they are also on the same T-Ball team so these two have become good buddies.

After a long morning outside it's time for lunch.

I love spending time at school with him. What a great day we had.

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