Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday Cake #1

This Saturday is Gabe's 5th birthday. Tomorrow he gets to celebrate his birthday with his preschool class. So last night I baked his cake for class. I had so much fun doing this cake! I wanted to make this cake for his party on Saturday but he has other ideas for what his cake on Saturday will look like. I plan on creating that cake on Friday.Before & After

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fuller Easter

We had Easter with John's parents last night. John's mom made a very nice dinner and then it was time for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Due to the rain we had to do the egg hunt inside instead of outside. The stuck the four kids that are young enough to do the hunt into Grandma and Grandpa bedroom and then the adults got busy hiding the eggs. One of Jordon's hiding places was my favorite! Can you guess which one it was?The boys are to old to do the hunt now but Grandma and Grandpa always have a golden egg hidden for each grand kid so the boys had to find there own special egg. John usually has the honor of hiding these eggs and he has no mercy, last year Dustin's Egg was put into the burning barrel, this year.....The coffee pot! He was the last person to find his egg even after several clues his baby brother came in to help him out! John put it in where the filter and coffee grounds go. Problem was Dustin had no idea how to open it!
Gabe finding an egg way on top of the speakers
Grandma and Grandpa also hide one LARGE Golden Egg. Last year Aunt Myra found it and this year The Winner Is........TONY! The Golden Egg is the best as it always has something special in it. This year it had Movie passes and a gift card to Wal Mart. It's quite funny watching everyone hunt for this egg. This year was the best because it was hidden in a basket that was on the table that the kids ate dinner at. It was right under there noses the whole time and they never knew it.
Gabe having fun with the Easter Grass that Tony and Dustin got all over the floor. I'm telling you this kid seriously can find joy in anything. He didn't find the Golden Egg but had just as much fun playing with the Easter Grass. Gabe counting his loot! He ending up finding $7.50 in quarters plus his Special Egg that had $5.00 in it. He also found two eggs that had 3 Tootsie Rolls in them which to tell you the truth he was more excited about that then he was the money!
Sissy with her Tootsie Roll bank that she brought to put all of her findings in.
2010 Easter Family Photo.
I'm amazed at how much each one of them has grown.

Coloring Easter Eggs

There are two things that I hate to miss. Carving Pumpkins and Coloring Easter Eggs. Last year we missed out on the carving pumpkins because of Gabe being sick this year but he made up for it in the Coloring Easter Eggs department! I'm pretty sure that this child can find joy in EVERYTHING. He is certainly at that age where he tries Mommy and Daddy's patience every second that he can but to have him in a room with you when he is happy...Lights up the whole room and you can't help to smile when he gives you his happy face. Last year Dustin helped with coloring eggs. But this year he decieded that he was old for it so I've gone to doing this with 4 down to 2. We will wait to see if next year will be the year that Shenira thinks that she is to old for it too. I've never figured out that mind set as I myself will never be to old for!
Here is Gabe with his final creations as they dry. I got to do the two on the end and he did the rest. He was very proud of them. We had to let them dry and then were gone for most of the weekend after we colored them so tonight he will be adding stickers to his to finish his creations. As always you can't color eggs without getting the dye all over your hands. At least if you are a boy and four years old you can't! . We do very little at my new dinning room table that my Uncle Carl made for us as I'm so afraid that something is going to happen to it. So before we started I laid newspaper down to protect my beloved table, and then we went to town. Unfortunately the newspaper did not do the job. I about had a heart attack when I removed the newspaper and my table had blue dye all over it!!! I looked at my husband and said "quick google what will take out dye" so he did. Shaving Cream is now my new BEST FRIEND! It took every last bit of it out!
Here are the kids finished prizes on a cute new plate that I got from one of my aunts.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Disney On Ice....Finding NEMO!

Kelly called me on Wednesday to ask if I'd heard that Disney On Ice..Finding Nemo was going to be in Grand Rapids? She wanted to take Gabe for his Birthday gift and wanted to know if I would like to go as well. Of course I did! She also made arrangements for Gabe's friend Sarah to come along with us. So on Thursday Night they picked me up from work and we all headed out for our date!Here Gabe and Sarah are checking out the vendor table to see what goodies that could find to take home. Since this was Gabe's Birthday present he of course got to get the $10.00 bag of Cotton Candy which did thankfully come with the hat! We all had a great time getting our picture taken with the crazy hat.
This show was AMAZING. I would go to something like this even if I didn't have kids! Here is when they were doing Nemo's initiation at the top of Mount Wanna Hock a Luggy! (I'm sure I spelled some of that wrong but you get the point.)

One of Gabe's favorite part of Nemo is the Turtles. When they came out he went CRAZY. It was so much fun to just sit and watch him take this all in.
This was the pre-birthday boy after the show. Just in case your wondering....HE LOVED IT!

Showing off two of the presents that he got. He also got a cool Squirt Cup that had a slushy in it and a program that came with a disposable camera. He was so excited about the show that he never even fell asleep the entire way home.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We Are Back!

What a wonderful time we had. This was truly the first vacation that John and I have ever been on. We started our trip off on 3/5/10 in San Diego CA. This was the first time that either of us had ever been there. We stayed in Little Italy which was amazing. Below we are having our first meal enjoying the sun outside. It was chilly but not so chilly that we couldn't sit outside to enjoy our lunch. On 3/6/10 It was time to head to the ship to set sail! I was so excited that I could hardly stand it. You would have thought that I was a little kid instead of a grown woman. I'm not sure if I was more excited about the trip or just the pure fact that I was getting to spend 8 entire uninterrupted days with my husband. No Cell Phones, No Computers and No Kids! Once on board we headed to get some lunch. The first night was rough for me but after that I did well until Wednesday(more to come on that later). 3/7/10 The temp were a little cooler that I would have liked but we enjoyed being out and soaking up as much sunlight as we could. This was a full day at sea and all went well. I finale got to enjoy our first dinner. 3/8/10 Our first stop was Cabo. The first day we just went in and walked around and did a little shopping. There was a restaurant that allowed you to make calls to the USA for free if you ate there so we stopped for some chips and salsa and got to make our first call home to check on Gabe.

3/9/10 Day 2 in Cabo John went snorkeling. He loved this and can't wait to do it again sometime. I enjoyed watching everyone and taking lots of pictures. The water was WAY to cold for me and I was having a small problem with my leg.
3/10/10 This was another day at sea and if you can't tell in the picture above I was not having a good day this day. Winds were 50 mphs with swells coming in at 10-12 feet. This day was so rough at sea that 10 of the 18 friends that we went with didn't make it to dinner that night. I was glad that it wasn't just me that was having a hard time with it. John got me out of our room for about an hour and a half and I'm so glad that he did because if I hadn't gotten out I would have missed all of the these incredible dolphins that started following our boat! This was SO Awesome.

3/11/12 Last stop Ensanada. Once we docked at Ensanada I was fine and it was off for another day of site seeing.

We went to the Blow Hole in Ensanada and a Mexican Market which was lots of fun. I got a new dress that I was able to wear on our last night on the ship.

This was our last dinner and last night on the ship. It was sad to see it end but we were both ready to get home to see our kids.

This will for sure be something that we will do again!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Time!!!

Back in November I posted about an amazing trip that my husband planned for us. Well if you can believe it. It's Time to Sail!!!!! We leave tomorrow morning at 6:00am to fly to San Diego and will board this beautiful ship on Saturday afternoon. I can't wait to take pictures of my own and tell you all about it when we get back. John and I will be going Whale Watching and Snorkeling while we are in Cabo and we can't wait. Things are crazy right now as we finish all the finale preparation for us being gone. We have little things to take care of such as making sure there is enough food in the house for our house sitter, double checking that we packed everything that we need (which of course we all know that we will forget something!) the worst part will be taking Gabe and dropping him off and saying Good-Bye to him for the 8 days that we will be apart. I have no worries for him because I'm pretty sure without a doubt that Mommy is going to miss him way more than he will miss me. He LOVES to be away and spend time with other people and he can't wait for his 3 days with Aunt Debbie & "Ankle" Carl. It's all he keeps talking about. Of course he is also looking forward to being with Nana and Papa for a few days of one on one time as well and to end the week he will be with Ama and Grandpa Fuller. I'm pretty sure that John and I will actual take being away from Gabe better than Kelly will as she will be with us on this trip as well. She has already gone to the store and bought him something to open for everyday that we will be gone! I love that she LOVES our son so much and that he has that special relationship with here. She has been a huge blessing in all of our lives. So until we return, I hope you all have a great week.
p.s. Kristi, expect visitors when we get back if your little bundle of joy arrives while we are gone! Praying that all goes well and can't wait to meet her!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Shopping Trip

Last Saturday my mom, sister & step-daughter head out for a girls night out shopping trip. I had a few last minute things that I needed to pick up before John and I head out for our Cruise. Can you believe that we only have 4 days before we leave!!! I'm SO excited! Anyway back to shopping. We had a wonderful time together. The shopping was successful and I was able to get everything that I was looking for except for one thing (who would think a nighty would be so hard to find??) Oops side tracked again! We had lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant in Angola before we headed to Fort Wayne. As always it was Yummy. After an afternoon of shopping we ate dinner at Steak N Shake. They have Shenira the kids meal packet so we decided that it was a must that she try on the hat. Here she is amusing us in full blow spirit. Ain't she pretty! I absolutely love taking her on trips with me and getting to do things one on one with her. What a great kid she is.
Thanks to some awful kids that had rented a room our hotel stay was awful (to much happened to even explain all I will say is that there was NO sleeping done that entire night and we checked out at 6:00AM). This however was the only bad part of our trip everything else was perfect and I can't wait until our next girls weekend away.