Monday, March 29, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs

There are two things that I hate to miss. Carving Pumpkins and Coloring Easter Eggs. Last year we missed out on the carving pumpkins because of Gabe being sick this year but he made up for it in the Coloring Easter Eggs department! I'm pretty sure that this child can find joy in EVERYTHING. He is certainly at that age where he tries Mommy and Daddy's patience every second that he can but to have him in a room with you when he is happy...Lights up the whole room and you can't help to smile when he gives you his happy face. Last year Dustin helped with coloring eggs. But this year he decieded that he was old for it so I've gone to doing this with 4 down to 2. We will wait to see if next year will be the year that Shenira thinks that she is to old for it too. I've never figured out that mind set as I myself will never be to old for!
Here is Gabe with his final creations as they dry. I got to do the two on the end and he did the rest. He was very proud of them. We had to let them dry and then were gone for most of the weekend after we colored them so tonight he will be adding stickers to his to finish his creations. As always you can't color eggs without getting the dye all over your hands. At least if you are a boy and four years old you can't! . We do very little at my new dinning room table that my Uncle Carl made for us as I'm so afraid that something is going to happen to it. So before we started I laid newspaper down to protect my beloved table, and then we went to town. Unfortunately the newspaper did not do the job. I about had a heart attack when I removed the newspaper and my table had blue dye all over it!!! I looked at my husband and said "quick google what will take out dye" so he did. Shaving Cream is now my new BEST FRIEND! It took every last bit of it out!
Here are the kids finished prizes on a cute new plate that I got from one of my aunts.

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