Monday, March 1, 2010

Shopping Trip

Last Saturday my mom, sister & step-daughter head out for a girls night out shopping trip. I had a few last minute things that I needed to pick up before John and I head out for our Cruise. Can you believe that we only have 4 days before we leave!!! I'm SO excited! Anyway back to shopping. We had a wonderful time together. The shopping was successful and I was able to get everything that I was looking for except for one thing (who would think a nighty would be so hard to find??) Oops side tracked again! We had lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant in Angola before we headed to Fort Wayne. As always it was Yummy. After an afternoon of shopping we ate dinner at Steak N Shake. They have Shenira the kids meal packet so we decided that it was a must that she try on the hat. Here she is amusing us in full blow spirit. Ain't she pretty! I absolutely love taking her on trips with me and getting to do things one on one with her. What a great kid she is.
Thanks to some awful kids that had rented a room our hotel stay was awful (to much happened to even explain all I will say is that there was NO sleeping done that entire night and we checked out at 6:00AM). This however was the only bad part of our trip everything else was perfect and I can't wait until our next girls weekend away.

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