Friday, February 26, 2010

Mini-Make Over

A couple of weeks ago my friend Dawn and I had a chance to spend some quality girl time together. We went to a Salon that my cousin works for and got Mini-Make Overs! This is how we both showed up to our appointments....No Make-Up, Hair Not Done and Bushy Eyebrows!!!The power of Make up and a hair cut is a wonderful and amazing thing! I was blown away but the difference and now know that I will never leave the house without make-up again!!!! KatieBeth did an awesome job on our make-up and I love my new hair cut. Last night we completed our make over as we headed to another Salon (our boss bought both of us gift certificates for this salon for Christmas) to get highlights and a color. We have held on to the gift cards so that I could get everything done just before my big trip with my hubby!This is the After! We had a great time and can't wait to do it again sometime. Maybe next time it will be pedicures!


  1. I see you went for the highlights! They look great especially for your trip:) but its great to have options and know it looks so good all natural too. Only a week till you leave-how exciting! I, for one, am totally enjoying the coziness all this snow has created especially since I dont have to go anywhere tonight and we are having so much fun just being home but I know most people are not with me in enjoying the snow.

  2. Thanks! I can not wait for our trip. I'm going shopping today with my Mom, sister, and Shenira we are going to Fort Wayne and staying the night!