Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Open to New Ideas

A few weeks ago our Church asked Families to open their homes to some Olivet Nazarene University college students that were going to be performing at our Church. John and I were quick to volunteer for 4 students since our 4 oldest children would be at their Mom's house that weekend. The response from everyone was so great that we only ended up getting to have two girls stay with us, but what an experience. We were so blessed to get to young ladies that were so great! The best part was that they both were named Allison so we only had to remember one name!!(haha) As usual it didn't take Gabe but about 2 seconds before they became his new best friends! These girls were so great, they made him feel like he was the coolest thing on this planet. They played his silly "I spy" and "What Animal Am I" games with him. They let him sit with them at the Lunch that the Church provided for them after they sang and also made sure that we had some great pictures of the three of them together. Now he just wants to know when he will he get to go ONU so that he can visit them! If you ever get the chance to open your home and host students like this, don't pass up the opportunity what a great blessing it was to our whole family and what a way to show God's love.
Oh and did I mention that Gospel Choir was AWESOME!!!???? Because they were beyond awesome and what life and joy they brought into our Church with them. It was truly an incredible was to spend a Sunday morning.

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