Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Tony, Yep you got it another Birthday in the Fuller House!

Today our oldest turns 18. It's so hard for me to believe that the little 10 year old boy that I meet 8 years ago is now 18. Time sure goes by fast. Even though today is his actual birthday we celebrated his special day last Sunday with his Grandparents, girlfriend, siblings, Dad & I.
John and I are so blessed to be given the opportunity to watch him grow into the man that he is now. Tony had to grow up way to fast and had many responsibilities placed on his shoulder when his parents divorced and even though it was hard it was a rare thing to see him complain about it. He is a wonderful kid and I'm so glad to be able to call him one of my sons. Pastor Dave talked about a tradition that his family does in one of his sermons recently and I thought it was a cool idea so John and I decided to do the same thing for Tony's special day. Their tradition is that when someone is having a birthday or special occasion the whole family goes around a circle and says what their favorite thing is about that person. It was so cool to listen to what everyone had to say about Tony. Some even got him and others a little teary eyed.

Seriously how could you not love this kid?!! He truly is just a sweet kid.

Happy Birthday Day Tony!
We Love You.
Love, Dad and Jammi

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