Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Fun

Lots going on in the past week. We are on week number two of summer time with Tony, Jordon, Dustin and Shenira. We've been keeping busy with family reunions and spending time in the pool. If only the weather would warm up so we could enjoy it even more! We also got Gabe's appointment for U of M and will be going there on August 21. John and the kids having fun at Airway Lanes driving the go carts. This was the first time that Shenira was able to drive one all by herself. She did very well but did scare one of the attendants when she almost ran him over...ooops!Dad and he crew after go cart racing! This was at the Rockwell Family Reunion on Saturday July 25th. This is Dustin jumping from the dock onto the raft to scare one of his cousins! From this picture it looks like he's not going to make it...but he did.This is still at the reunion. This is Tony showing off. He was letting Grandpa know that they were bored and that he needed to spice it up a little. Well Grandpa gets the last laugh as it wasn't to much after this that Tony was sitting in the water waiting to be picked up. On Sunday July 26th we went to Aunt Debbie and "Ankle" Carl (this is what Gabe calls him!) house for a little family cook out. This was our last chance to spend some more time with Aunt Jean before she went back to Florida. The above picture is Gabe and his Great Grandma Kempton. These picture are precious to me as I don't have pictures with Great Grandparents. Did I mention that it was freezing cold and very winding which is why my grandmother is wearing the funny scarf. She was being funny.Everyone should have someone to look up to like this. When I look at this picture I can just see the enjoyment and wonderment in Gabriel's face as he can't wait to see what "Ankle" Carl is going to do next. The funny thing about the nickname that Gabe has given to Uncle Carl is that Gabe is perfectly capable of saying Uncle and calls ALL of his other Uncles, Uncle but not "Ankle" Carl. Next to Kelly I think that "Ankle" Carl is Gabe's favorite person he loves to follow him around and to talk with him. I'm so glad that my son has so many influential people in his life. Now this is my child with no fear. One night while swimming he says to me Mama go get your camera. One day I'm pretty sure he will stop saying that to me but for now I JUMP at the chance to take as many picture as I can. This boy went from being afraid of the pool last year to FEARLESS this year. His character is unlike no other and I love watching how his is growing and what a brave boy he is becoming. This could mean trouble later but for now I'll just enjoy it!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Family BBQ Fun

This summer has been the summer of visitors. This week my Aunt Jean from Florida is visiting. My mom and dad had a cook out on Sunday and my cousin Steve "Shannon" came to visit with his two children and wife Paula. We all had a such a great time. It's always so nice to see family that we don't often get to see.

Mitchell & Aunt Jean

Nana and Papa go a new slide for their pool. This was Gabe's first trip down the slide. I think he likes it what you do you think?

Steve"Shannon", Grandma Kempton, Aunt Jean, Paula and Dawn"Mom".
(Shannon changed his name to Steve several years ago but we have always know him as Shannon and just can't bring ourselves to call him Steve no matter how hard we try. It might be a legal name change but he will always be "Shannon" to us!)

Mom with Shannon's kids Lizzy and Mitchell
I'm beginning to think that I have a boring family every time we go down to my parents house my husband falls asleep! Of course if we hadn't stayed up until 1:30 am and then had to get up by 7:00 am he might not be sleeping! :) Love you honey!

Indian Lake Papa's Birthday

Sunday was a very special man's birthday. A few months ago I posted a blog about his wife Judy when she had her birthday. Jim and Judy both have a heart for God unlike any that I've ever seen. My family is so blessed to call them friends. For Mr. Jim (as we call him) Gabe took him out on a date to enjoy BLUE snow cones together!! Now I don't know if you guys have ever had a blue snow cone or not but there is for sure a kid gene in your body in order for you to be able to eat one! Well Mr. Jim has that gene FOR SURE! Meet Mr. Jim he couldn't wait to have his picture taken with his very own Blue tongue. I'm not sure who liked them more Gabe or Mr. Jim But I do know that these are the two biggest kids I've ever seen and when you get these two together there is bound to be trouble!

Happy Birthday Mr. Jim. Thank you for your friendship and blessing that you and Judy are both to our family. You guys are the best!

I spent Saturday morning with my mom at the Calhoun County Relay for Life. My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in October 2008. She had no symptoms and had no reason to have a colonoscopy other than her younger brother had one done and his doctor told him that if he had any brothers or sisters they needed to go have one done right away. Her cancer was removed in November and all test have shown that they were able to get all of it.
I've participated in several of these events in the past but this one this year was so much more important. Our family has had several members that have passed away from cancer but having it happen to my mom hit way to close to home. We are all so grateful everyday that it was caught so early and was able to be removed. She is a true treasure to us and life without her would not be the same. This is my family from left to right: Jennifer(sister),Alan(dad),Dawn(mom),Josh(brother) & me.This picture is mom with her kids, a few of her 11 grand kids and dad. Picture of grand kids on a pirate boat.
(Harrison, Haley, Ethan, Hayden & Evan)
Aunt Meme and Harrison playing one of the games. Each tent had neat things for you to do or buy and all proceeds went to Relay for Life.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update for Gabe's Immunodeficiency Testing

I must first start this post thanking all of our family and friends for praying for Gabe. I know without a doubt that our test times have gone so well because of the prayers that are being said. Second, I must tell you that I have one of the most strong and brave boys that I've ever know. This test today was not fun but I must tell you that this child did not shed a single tear during the entire time. His daddy and I were so proud of him. Take a stroll with me and I'll walk you through our morning.
This is Gabe sitting on Daddy's lap so that we can get started. Daddy looks more worried than Gabe!Gabe was very interested in what was going on and asked a lot of good questions. The nurses were all very impressed with him. The above picture they are prepping him for step one of the Sweat Chloride. Step one he had to wear these things on each arm for 5 minutes. He did like this part at first but quickly decided that it was okay.
Here is the face when he was saying "Mommy I don't want to do this please have them take them off". This only lasted for just a few second. This is his arm after step one was done. Step two they put another disc on his arm that had dye in it. This collects his sweat.Here he is waiting for step three Getting the DVD player set up so that we can start step three
Step Three: He had to wear his Winter Coat(yep that's right his winter coat in the middle of July) and be covered up with a blanket(we used our favorite blanket that Aunt Jen sells,if you don't have one you should call her today to get one best blanket ever!) Step Four: Taking the tube out of the disc after it got all of the sweat that they needed. Most kids don't sit still and they have to do this part more than once, but not our Gabe she said that it was one of the best reading that they have gotten.

Next it was time to have the blood draw they had to get 13 ml but wanted to get 15ml. They ended up with 14 1/2 which they were very happy about. Here the tech. is looking to see which vain he wants to use.
Needle is in and I have to tell you he is way more brave than his mother because he watched the whole time. I can't look when they do that to me.
Transferring his blood into the vials that they need
Snoopy band aide and Life is ALL good!
And last but not least when you are four and have to have all of this done that FOR SURE means that you get to pick your choice for lunch...any guesses on where a four year old would pick????

You got it no place like MCDONALD'S!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zip Line Anyone??

The Indian Lake Nazarene Campground that is affiliated with our Church just had a climbing wall and Zip Line donated to them this year. Yesterday my FOUR year old decided that it was time for him to ride it. Mommy was at work but Daddy, Kelly, Brian & Gabe all got to go. Kelly kept telling John that it wasn't a good idea to do this without Gabe's mommy to take pictures but John assured her that it would be fine. Mommy was indeed okay with it BUT only because my dear friend Kelly was right there to take pictures of the moment for me!

This is John and Gabe going up the steps to get Gabe set up

He showed no signs of fear what so ever and didn't even try to back out. In fact it was just about all the guy could do to keep him there to tell him what was going to happen!Can I go now????
GO GABE!!!!!! He was the youngest kid to go on it so far!Running back to watch Daddy go
GO DADDY!Daddy, Gabe & Kelly.
Grandma Fuller is taking the rest of the kids out today so that they can do it. But Gabe informed me that he was also going back to do it again today so that he could show his brother's and sister how its done! Can't wait to see how that goes! Will post the older kids once I get them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where there is a Copas there is a redneck game!

On Sunday we packed up the camper, took it home and then it was off to Nana and Papa's house for the night. My Uncle David and Aunt Tina from Texas were there and Uncle Ken and Aunt Linda from Kentucky were coming on Monday. So we took and extra day off of work to spend time with them. Because they live so far away we don't see each other very often so it was very nice to spend some special time with them. We also ended up going back down on Tuesday after work. We spent the days swimming, playing Washers, Corn Hole & Witt's and Wagers.
Daddy throwing Gabe in Nana's Pool
Harrison and Jordon having fun in the pool

Gabe with the frog that they boys found.

Uncle David

Discussing our plan of attack!!!

Uncle Ken and I playing Washers Dad and John playing Washers
Playing at Nana and Papa's is hard work.

This is Harrison he is sleeping because he had his tonsils taken out earlier that morning.