Monday, July 20, 2009

Family BBQ Fun

This summer has been the summer of visitors. This week my Aunt Jean from Florida is visiting. My mom and dad had a cook out on Sunday and my cousin Steve "Shannon" came to visit with his two children and wife Paula. We all had a such a great time. It's always so nice to see family that we don't often get to see.

Mitchell & Aunt Jean

Nana and Papa go a new slide for their pool. This was Gabe's first trip down the slide. I think he likes it what you do you think?

Steve"Shannon", Grandma Kempton, Aunt Jean, Paula and Dawn"Mom".
(Shannon changed his name to Steve several years ago but we have always know him as Shannon and just can't bring ourselves to call him Steve no matter how hard we try. It might be a legal name change but he will always be "Shannon" to us!)

Mom with Shannon's kids Lizzy and Mitchell
I'm beginning to think that I have a boring family every time we go down to my parents house my husband falls asleep! Of course if we hadn't stayed up until 1:30 am and then had to get up by 7:00 am he might not be sleeping! :) Love you honey!

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