Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update for Gabe's Immunodeficiency Testing

I must first start this post thanking all of our family and friends for praying for Gabe. I know without a doubt that our test times have gone so well because of the prayers that are being said. Second, I must tell you that I have one of the most strong and brave boys that I've ever know. This test today was not fun but I must tell you that this child did not shed a single tear during the entire time. His daddy and I were so proud of him. Take a stroll with me and I'll walk you through our morning.
This is Gabe sitting on Daddy's lap so that we can get started. Daddy looks more worried than Gabe!Gabe was very interested in what was going on and asked a lot of good questions. The nurses were all very impressed with him. The above picture they are prepping him for step one of the Sweat Chloride. Step one he had to wear these things on each arm for 5 minutes. He did like this part at first but quickly decided that it was okay.
Here is the face when he was saying "Mommy I don't want to do this please have them take them off". This only lasted for just a few second. This is his arm after step one was done. Step two they put another disc on his arm that had dye in it. This collects his sweat.Here he is waiting for step three Getting the DVD player set up so that we can start step three
Step Three: He had to wear his Winter Coat(yep that's right his winter coat in the middle of July) and be covered up with a blanket(we used our favorite blanket that Aunt Jen sells,if you don't have one you should call her today to get one best blanket ever!) Step Four: Taking the tube out of the disc after it got all of the sweat that they needed. Most kids don't sit still and they have to do this part more than once, but not our Gabe she said that it was one of the best reading that they have gotten.

Next it was time to have the blood draw they had to get 13 ml but wanted to get 15ml. They ended up with 14 1/2 which they were very happy about. Here the tech. is looking to see which vain he wants to use.
Needle is in and I have to tell you he is way more brave than his mother because he watched the whole time. I can't look when they do that to me.
Transferring his blood into the vials that they need
Snoopy band aide and Life is ALL good!
And last but not least when you are four and have to have all of this done that FOR SURE means that you get to pick your choice for lunch...any guesses on where a four year old would pick????

You got it no place like MCDONALD'S!!!


  1. Good Job Gabe! Glad it went so well! I had to have a blood draw recently and the sweet little boy in the next room kept crying, "I cant do this" over and over. It was so sad. I cant believe he didnt even shed a tear during that part! How long did he have to stay all bundled up for? Way to go Gabe! (Im sure it is partly due to his great parents making feel so loved and encouraged:)

  2. I LOVE this post - Jammi & John, always love this boy. I wept many tears this morning at the prayer cottage - several prayer dards there, new, from children devestated by separation from family. One girl said; "I just want to hug my daddy." Pray for our families. Praying for Gabe and his tests.
    Love you guys!


  3. Ahhh, what a brave and wonderful boy. I'm so proud of him. You are a true blogger/scrapbooker to have gotten pictures of the entire process so you can write about it. Way to go!!

  4. Thanks to all for the comments. The nurse asked me if it was the first time that he had to have blood work. I told her nope I just scrapbook everything!