Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zip Line Anyone??

The Indian Lake Nazarene Campground that is affiliated with our Church just had a climbing wall and Zip Line donated to them this year. Yesterday my FOUR year old decided that it was time for him to ride it. Mommy was at work but Daddy, Kelly, Brian & Gabe all got to go. Kelly kept telling John that it wasn't a good idea to do this without Gabe's mommy to take pictures but John assured her that it would be fine. Mommy was indeed okay with it BUT only because my dear friend Kelly was right there to take pictures of the moment for me!

This is John and Gabe going up the steps to get Gabe set up

He showed no signs of fear what so ever and didn't even try to back out. In fact it was just about all the guy could do to keep him there to tell him what was going to happen!Can I go now????
GO GABE!!!!!! He was the youngest kid to go on it so far!Running back to watch Daddy go
GO DADDY!Daddy, Gabe & Kelly.
Grandma Fuller is taking the rest of the kids out today so that they can do it. But Gabe informed me that he was also going back to do it again today so that he could show his brother's and sister how its done! Can't wait to see how that goes! Will post the older kids once I get them.

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  1. Way to go all!! Mama and I have also done it! It's a neat experience!