Monday, November 30, 2009

Some Catching Up

A few weeks ago my nephew's came to spend the night. We decided that we would go and check out the Kalamazoo Christmas Parade for the first time. The big balloons were our favorite! After the parade I told the boys that they could help me make Christmas cookies. Harrison was my trooper on this task and helped me the entire time. The following weekend we had The Fuller Christmas and the kids there got to decorate the cookies that the other kids baked. This was so much fun and the kids did a great job. We started off the day with decorating cookies and then.....We had a visit from Santa. Gabe was in HEAVEN for this part. He thought that it was so cool that Santa would visit his house BEFORE Christmas. After Santa we enjoyed a nice meal and opened some great gifts but our day/night was just starting. At 7:00 we all headed over to the PAC to watch Jordon in one of the biggest parts that he has ever had. He was FANTASTIC!!!!! We were all blown away by his performance. It is so fun to watch him do what he loves. Everyone in the show did a great job and it was a perfect way to end our family Christmas. This is part of Jordon's Fan Club! This past weekend we spent the weekend at the conference center at the Nazarene Camp. This get together is of my Mom's brother's, sister's and their kids. We had a great time just relaxing and spending time with each other. The weekend was spend playing Dominoes, Uker, Hand and Foot, Wits & Wager and many other fun games. We of course have no shortage of food with this get together as my mother's family has this "Were going to run out of food" fear. I've been in this family for 33 years and I to this day have never EVER seen this happen! We had SO much food we could have feed another entire family! This place is great for the kids because they can go downstairs and make as much noise and run as much as they want. I LOVE the above picture. This is My brother's son Ethan, My son Gabe and My sister's daughter Haley. What a group of crazy kids! Priceless...

Can you tell that they are sister??? The second day that we my mom and her sister all come out of there rooms wearing red! They all match so perfect it was pretty funny. One would have thought that they called each other a head of time but not so was the case. Great minds just think alike!


Last year Gabe was sick for Thanksgiving and we had our first Thanksgiving without being with the whole family. It was a nice dinner at home but I sure did miss the noise of family. This year I was thankful to be back where all of the noise was. We spent the first part of the day at my sister's house and then headed back home to pick up John after he got out of work to go to his parents house. We enjoyed our entire day and had so many things to be Thankful for. This is my nephew Harrison in his Indian headband that he made at school. This boy is such a sweet kid. Love it when he smiles he can light up a room.
Some of the family sitting down to dinner.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Anyone?

Next weekend we will be hosting my husbands family Christmas. So last night Gabe and I started working on getting out the Christmas decorations! Here he is helping to set up tree number 1 of the 4 trees that we will put up this year! And my husband had the wonderfully fun job of bringing the 19 totes of Rubber Maid totes up from the basement. He LOVES this time of year!!! Not!!!! He does love Christmas but I'm pretty sure bringing all those totes up is not a highlight for him! I have totally turned this boy into a Christmas nut just like his mommy. He wanted his tree in his room so badly, but his room was a MESS so I told him as soon as his room was picked up we would bring the tree up. I must tell you that I've never seen a child pick up so fast in my life! You may notice the pile just to the right in the back, that would be his toy box with all of his toys in it!!!
Here is my happy camper with his finished product.

Mom & Dad Fuller's 40th Anniversary

On Sunday November 8 my Mother and Father -In-Law celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary. For their special day we attend the church they were married at 40 years ago. This day was an extra special day for my mother-in-law as her sisters also joined us. They were not present for the wedding and this has always left a little void in my mother-in-law. Having them with her for this mile stone event meant the world to her and I'm very grateful that they were there to share it with her. After church it was off to brunch at Clara's in Battle Creek. The Happy Couple Rosemary & Mike FullerGrandma & Grandpa "GG" Fuller with Mom and DadTony helping Gabe ring the church bell. The Pastor told Dustin he could ring it 40 times in honor of Grandma & Grandpa's anniversary. He thought that was cool and of course Gabe also wanted to get in on the fun. Everyone enjoying good food. Our Dustin more than got his money's worth! WOW that boy can eat & eat & eat & oh yeah EAT! We told him he better enjoy it now because someday it will catch up to him!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

How Long Will This Last???

Last Sunday our niece Karis celebrated her 4th birthday. She had a "Bitty" Party and each of the guest were to bring there own doll! Well Gabe happened to be the only boy as that side of our family isn't very big. Karis was very sweet to share her boy Bitty Doll with Gabe so that he would have a doll. Gabe was all to willing to carry around the boy bitty to make his cousin's special day special! But it has to make a mama think, will Gabe continue to enjoy going to these parties where he is the only boy or will be go through the girls are yucky stage??? For now I'm happy that he is so easy going and is willing to do things to make people happy. He loves his cousin very much and had lots of fun at her party, playing with her new kitten and the toys. The picture below I'm sure will be graduation bulletin worthy someday! Happy Birthday Kari!

Monday, November 2, 2009

School Party & Trick-or-Treat

The day after Gabe's surgery was his school's Halloween Party. We had sent cookies in with him on his last day of school before surgery because I didn't think there would be anyway that he would be able to attend the party. However, he had other ideas. He didn't wear his Pastor outfit to the school party as we decided to go at the last minute so he went as a patient wear a hospital outfit that the nurse gave him from when we had to stay overnight in the hospital in November last year.
There was a wide range of costumes in his class and I don't think there were two alike!

When we got home from the party Daddy was raking leaves so Gabe decided that he needed to make a "Leaf Angle". That boy is always thinking of something. After a couple of "Leaf Angle's" it was time to head in to rest for awhile. Trick-or-Treat 2009
This is Pastor Gabriel Fuller ready to hit the streets!
First stop the Downs House (which is our real Pastor!) after a few other special stop Gabe was ready to head back home so that he could hand out candy. He went to a couple of houses but wanted to go back home so that he could see all the "kids". I use that term loosely as we had more BIG kids then little.

All set up and ready to hand out candy!

Enjoying a little treat from his bag! I was so worried that he wouldn't be able to trick or treat this year because of his surgery. But worry for nothing is all I did, he should have been dressed at Superman because the way he bounced back after surgery is exactly what he is!