Thursday, November 5, 2009

How Long Will This Last???

Last Sunday our niece Karis celebrated her 4th birthday. She had a "Bitty" Party and each of the guest were to bring there own doll! Well Gabe happened to be the only boy as that side of our family isn't very big. Karis was very sweet to share her boy Bitty Doll with Gabe so that he would have a doll. Gabe was all to willing to carry around the boy bitty to make his cousin's special day special! But it has to make a mama think, will Gabe continue to enjoy going to these parties where he is the only boy or will be go through the girls are yucky stage??? For now I'm happy that he is so easy going and is willing to do things to make people happy. He loves his cousin very much and had lots of fun at her party, playing with her new kitten and the toys. The picture below I'm sure will be graduation bulletin worthy someday! Happy Birthday Kari!


  1. Gabe will do fine - until he is 15! Oh my, that is just around the corner!

  2. Gabe looks like he had fun. I'm sure one day that will change, but maybe Kari will invite some boy school mates and Gabe won't care then.