Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Anyone?

Next weekend we will be hosting my husbands family Christmas. So last night Gabe and I started working on getting out the Christmas decorations! Here he is helping to set up tree number 1 of the 4 trees that we will put up this year! And my husband had the wonderfully fun job of bringing the 19 totes of Rubber Maid totes up from the basement. He LOVES this time of year!!! Not!!!! He does love Christmas but I'm pretty sure bringing all those totes up is not a highlight for him! I have totally turned this boy into a Christmas nut just like his mommy. He wanted his tree in his room so badly, but his room was a MESS so I told him as soon as his room was picked up we would bring the tree up. I must tell you that I've never seen a child pick up so fast in my life! You may notice the pile just to the right in the back, that would be his toy box with all of his toys in it!!!
Here is my happy camper with his finished product.

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