Friday, November 13, 2009

Mom & Dad Fuller's 40th Anniversary

On Sunday November 8 my Mother and Father -In-Law celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary. For their special day we attend the church they were married at 40 years ago. This day was an extra special day for my mother-in-law as her sisters also joined us. They were not present for the wedding and this has always left a little void in my mother-in-law. Having them with her for this mile stone event meant the world to her and I'm very grateful that they were there to share it with her. After church it was off to brunch at Clara's in Battle Creek. The Happy Couple Rosemary & Mike FullerGrandma & Grandpa "GG" Fuller with Mom and DadTony helping Gabe ring the church bell. The Pastor told Dustin he could ring it 40 times in honor of Grandma & Grandpa's anniversary. He thought that was cool and of course Gabe also wanted to get in on the fun. Everyone enjoying good food. Our Dustin more than got his money's worth! WOW that boy can eat & eat & eat & oh yeah EAT! We told him he better enjoy it now because someday it will catch up to him!

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  1. Happy 40th to John's parents. What a blessing that her sisters could be there. They look really happy. It looks like everyone had a great time at Clara's for this occasion.