Monday, November 2, 2009

School Party & Trick-or-Treat

The day after Gabe's surgery was his school's Halloween Party. We had sent cookies in with him on his last day of school before surgery because I didn't think there would be anyway that he would be able to attend the party. However, he had other ideas. He didn't wear his Pastor outfit to the school party as we decided to go at the last minute so he went as a patient wear a hospital outfit that the nurse gave him from when we had to stay overnight in the hospital in November last year.
There was a wide range of costumes in his class and I don't think there were two alike!

When we got home from the party Daddy was raking leaves so Gabe decided that he needed to make a "Leaf Angle". That boy is always thinking of something. After a couple of "Leaf Angle's" it was time to head in to rest for awhile. Trick-or-Treat 2009
This is Pastor Gabriel Fuller ready to hit the streets!
First stop the Downs House (which is our real Pastor!) after a few other special stop Gabe was ready to head back home so that he could hand out candy. He went to a couple of houses but wanted to go back home so that he could see all the "kids". I use that term loosely as we had more BIG kids then little.

All set up and ready to hand out candy!

Enjoying a little treat from his bag! I was so worried that he wouldn't be able to trick or treat this year because of his surgery. But worry for nothing is all I did, he should have been dressed at Superman because the way he bounced back after surgery is exactly what he is!

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