Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today was surgery day for Gabe. 5:00 am came way to early especially for a mama that probably wasn't looking forward to this even more so than her child. This child amazes me more and everyday. Here he is watching a movie all ready for the doctor to come in for the last check before they take him back. They had just came in and given him some medicine that would make it so that he wouldn't remember anything that was going on. As you can see this makes you very, very silly. He would just start laughing. At one point he looked at his grandma and said "Hey Grandma there are two of you!". This medicine is not only good for the child but it also makes it much easier on the parents so that you don't have to watch a screaming kid being taken away from you.Here is is all loaded up in the wagon that would take him to the operating room. Daddy asked him if he could "Pound it" which is what they are doing. Gabe thought this was very funny.I must say that when they start to pull your child away from you down hallway, it is the hardest thing EVER! I did very well while I was with him as I didn't want to cry and make him upset but once they pulled him away and then I had to go out in that waiting room to just wait. FORGET IT, all I could do was cry. We had a great pager that would update us with each step of his process but it still was so very hard. We also had a friend of the family that is a nurse and she was in the operating room with him today. She was so very kind and came out to let us know as soon as things were done that everything had went great and that the doctor would be out soon to talk to us. This is my baby in the recovery room. He was such a trooper and I must say that the Power of Prayer is the most amazing and wonderful thing. I believe with all of my heart that everything that Gabe has gone through and done would not have had the same out come with out all of our prayers and the prayers of all of our wonderful family and friends. You each bless us so much everyday and we love you all very much. Gabe is now home and recovering as if he never has had surgery at all. I expected him to be sore and lazy and all that he has wanted to do is PLAY Mama, Play!


  1. Thanks for the update, Jammi. Glad Gabe is on the mend.

  2. It's so great to know your little guy is doing well. I hope he recovers super fast and this takes care of all his continued sickness!! Nothing worse then a sick kid and feeling so helpless.
    love ya

  3. What a little trooper he is, Jammi. I would have felt like you and cried my eyes out, too. You are absolutely right about the power of prayer. God is so good.

    I'm so glad that this is done and now behind you. Here's to great health for Gabe!