Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To Think 3 Kids Created ALL This!

A few weeks ago we all got together and with the help from my cousin Kati, family photo's were taken. Now just being able to get 11 kids and 8 adults in the same place at the same time is a feat in itself, but getting great pictures too....Priceless. We enjoyed a nice picnic with each other after the pictures were taken. All in all a great day.This is my Mom and Dad, how started this whole crazy mess that you are about to see!Our cute small family of 5. (from left to right: Jennifer(sister), Alan(dad), Dawn(mom), Jammi(me), Josh(brother). A few years ago all my mom could do was talk about wanting grand kids. Little did she know that not only were grand kids coming but that she would end up with 11 in less than FIVE years! A few were brought in by marriage but to my mom a grand kid is a grand kid no matter where they came from. I love the way that my parents love not only my step children but also my brothers just as much as they love the kids that we have given birth to. This is Nana and Papa with the grand kids! Just the girls...Elizabeth, Brandy, Jennifer, Haley, Mom, Jammi & SheniraJust the boys...Dustin, Mike, Dad, Josh, Jordon, Tony, John, Harrison, Ethan, Gabe, Hayden & Evan. This is my family, Dustin, Jordon, Jammi, Gabe, John, Shenira & Tony.
The Fuller's.This is my sister Jennifer's family.
Haley, Jennifer, Mike, Harrison & Hayden
The Eisenberg's.
My baby brother Josh's family.
Brady, Josh, Elizabeth, Evan & Ethan
The Copas'

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