Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Cookies

Because of Gabe's surgery next Wednesday he is going to miss the fun Halloween stuff at school. So Wednesday night Gabe and I made cookies for him to take to school on Thursday. He loves to do this and I always think it's a good idea before we start!! We do have fun but I will say making cookies with a four year old can sometimes be a challenge. Here is is cutting out some little pumpkin, to which he thought looked more like apples.Our cookies getting ready to go into the oven.Ah the fun part! NO Gabe you can't lick the knife, NO Gabe you can't lick your fingers and then touch another cookie. Now go wash your hands. Yep I think I did those two things about 10 times before it was finally bed time! But oh how he loves to decorate. He is really focused on what needs to be done. If you notice in this picture he is wearing the shoes from his Halloween costume last year!
Our finished product. We had, Pumpkins, Apples & Leaves. He colored some of the apples brown so they were caramel apples. Seriously I don't know where he comes up with this stuff!


  1. Great looking cookies! I love to bake. It seems that we have been doing a lot of that lately. I enjoy cooking period. I guess that's a good thing when you're feeding 7 people.

    Does your mom read your blog or Jennifer. They would really enjoy it. They can even leave comments without having a blog of their own.

  2. My mom reads it but never post comments.I also have an Aunt in Florida that keeps up with it but also never leaves any comments!