Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dad Fuller's Birthday Gift

Today is my father-in-law's 60th birthday. For his birthday he didn't want to have a party so my mother-in-law got him a ride in a Hot Air Balloon. If you know anything about ballooning you know that you go when the weather allows it. This past Sunday he was able to use his birthday gift. He asked that his kids and grand kids come to watch and we did. Gabe thought this was so cool. They got to watch the whole process right from getting it out of the bag to putting it back into the bag when the ride was all over. Oh yeah we also got to be part of the chase team! The balloon is almost ready for dad to climb aboard. Here he is with Gabe & Karis. Tony and Jordon also came to see Grandpa take off. Shenira and Dustin were both sick and were not able to make it. But the flight took Grandpa close enough to their house that they were able to see the balloon which was very nice.
Up, Up and Away!

He loved every minute of being up there.

They landed in the back yard of a man that Dad use to work with. But didn't know that until everything was almost all put away. Small world. The owners of the house took the above picture and was kind enough to send it to me as we didn't get to see him land as we were still getting to where they were.
After the flight someone asked dad "how was it?" and his reply was "Everyone should do this at least once in their lifetime." I pretty sure that was one of the best birthday gifts that he has ever gotten. Today he has taken the day off of work, which he has never done. He plans to spend the day going to the new casino in Battle Creek/Marhsall, going to see his parents and they they might take a trip to the Church where they go married. Happy Birthday Dad hope you have a great day.

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