Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Big Red Machine

Vicksburg High Schools Marching Band fondly know as The Big Red Machine competitive season has come to an end. What an amazing year these kids had. We have without a doubt the best band! This past Tuesday they had an indoor performance to close their season and in true fashion of winning anything this announcement was made on Tuesday. Now I wasn't present for this so I have no idea how the band director actually made this announcement but this is my thoughts:

Big Red Machine you've taken 2nd place at Otsego & Kentwood, A Division 1 rating, 1st place at Grandville, Lakeshore & Jenison what are your plans now????


Yep that's right The Big Red Machine is going to be playing at Disney World Spring Break 2014 and we in the Fuller house are thrilled. We've got lots of fundraising to get done and lots of saving to do but we can't wait to watch with pride as The Big Red Machine takes over Disney World! This is also exciting for us as Gabe's birthday always falls over Spring Break so he will be celebrating his 9th birthday at Disney. How cool is that!

If you haven't seen this band perform you are missing out! You can find some of their performances on You Tube. Also if you are interested in making a donation to the band you can contact me and I will get you the information. These kids need all the help they can get.