Monday, November 30, 2009

Some Catching Up

A few weeks ago my nephew's came to spend the night. We decided that we would go and check out the Kalamazoo Christmas Parade for the first time. The big balloons were our favorite! After the parade I told the boys that they could help me make Christmas cookies. Harrison was my trooper on this task and helped me the entire time. The following weekend we had The Fuller Christmas and the kids there got to decorate the cookies that the other kids baked. This was so much fun and the kids did a great job. We started off the day with decorating cookies and then.....We had a visit from Santa. Gabe was in HEAVEN for this part. He thought that it was so cool that Santa would visit his house BEFORE Christmas. After Santa we enjoyed a nice meal and opened some great gifts but our day/night was just starting. At 7:00 we all headed over to the PAC to watch Jordon in one of the biggest parts that he has ever had. He was FANTASTIC!!!!! We were all blown away by his performance. It is so fun to watch him do what he loves. Everyone in the show did a great job and it was a perfect way to end our family Christmas. This is part of Jordon's Fan Club! This past weekend we spent the weekend at the conference center at the Nazarene Camp. This get together is of my Mom's brother's, sister's and their kids. We had a great time just relaxing and spending time with each other. The weekend was spend playing Dominoes, Uker, Hand and Foot, Wits & Wager and many other fun games. We of course have no shortage of food with this get together as my mother's family has this "Were going to run out of food" fear. I've been in this family for 33 years and I to this day have never EVER seen this happen! We had SO much food we could have feed another entire family! This place is great for the kids because they can go downstairs and make as much noise and run as much as they want. I LOVE the above picture. This is My brother's son Ethan, My son Gabe and My sister's daughter Haley. What a group of crazy kids! Priceless...

Can you tell that they are sister??? The second day that we my mom and her sister all come out of there rooms wearing red! They all match so perfect it was pretty funny. One would have thought that they called each other a head of time but not so was the case. Great minds just think alike!

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  1. Your mom and her sisters look pretty in that picture. Wow, you guys do keep busy regularly. What a blessing to be able to do all that we do. God is good.

    The baking of Christmas cookies is one of our favorite family traditions. We'll be doing that this Sunday. :-) I am also planning a women's cookie exchange. British women have no idea what this is all about.