Thursday, May 21, 2009

Next Steps for Gabe

No pictures to post although had I taken my camera with me I could have given you a great one of Daddy and Gabe coloring while we waited to talk with the doctor.

Results from the CT Scan show that Gabe has a sever sinus infection in two different sinus areas, it also is showing that this is a reoccurring problem (to which we went yep we know that!).

So what's next??? Gabe will be on an antibiotic for a minimum of 4 weeks and a steroid for 1 week, once we have 7 days with not symptoms we will call the doctor and they will then schedule him for another CT Scan. The purpose of the second scan is to see if the antibiotics are working to clear the area or if they are still full even after treatment. In the past doctors have been treating him but not doing and follow up which is believed to be part of the problem as the infection never truly goes away. After the second CT Scan we will then know weather we need to be sent to an ENT or if they will need to do more extensive testing on him immune system.

We praise God that because Gabe has had to be on one kind of Medicine or another since birth that he is absolutely wonderful about taking them. This one whoever he doesn't care for at all and actually gags when he has to take it. We are praying that this will get better the more that he has to take it otherwise it could be a very long 4 weeks.

I must say that we (John and I) are so blessed to have been in trusted with this little boy that has such an amazing attitude, personality and heart. It's amazing how different all of our children are but we Thank God for each and every one of them.


  1. Bless his little heart, I sure hope this works for him, and good luck the next four weeks. May he grow to love the medicine!!!Love you remember glyasdi ( God Loves You and So Do I Aunt Colleen

  2. Mama and papa are praying for this family!

  3. I'm glad you are getting answers and I hope it does the trick. Feel better, Gabe.