Friday, May 15, 2009

The Power of Prayer

Gabriel had his first CT Scan yesterday. Before his appointment I sent out a mass email asking all of our family and friends to join John and I in praying for peace. Asking a four year old to lay still and not move is like asking most women to not eat Chocolate! Watching answered prayers in the moments is such a miracle in it's self.

This is Gabe Before we were heading back for the test.
His nurse was so kind. Here she is explaining to Gabe what the machine was going to do and asking him if he had any question.
Getting him all wrapped up. I think that most of us as adults would be a little freaked out if some took our arms and made it so that we couldn't move. This little boy just laid there and never made a sound or movement. They told us that we could bring his blanket and a toy. When I went to give him is toy he said "That's okay Mommy I can do it without them". What an brave boy he was.

They even put a chin strap on him and he still never fussed. We had several people tell us that there was no way that he would be able to do this without have to be put to sleep. We just told them that we were going to pray and see what happens. God is good ALL the time.

Daddy held a toy above his head so that he could see the lights and Mommy stood on the other side reading him a story. I have to tell you that he laid so still that we were done in 5 minutes. I wasn't even able to read the whole book.

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  1. Oh my! Oh my! Papa is in tears - Jammi & John, always remember this miracle God gave you - always remember.

    God bless!
    papa & Mama too!