Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Little Shenira is 11

Shenira was four years old when John and I met. Yesterday Shenira celebrated her eleventh birthday. I'm not sure where the time has gone? She is growing up into a wonderful young lady and I enjoy every minute that I get to spend with her. Shenira has become my scrapbooking side kick and we look forward to each event that we go to.

Shenira with one of her Flip Flop Cakes that my mom and I made for her.
Birthday Girl with her birthday sign. I make Gabe and Shenira a sign every year. The other boys are a little to old for them!

Great pose that our friend Kelly put her in so that we could get the cakes, sign and Shenira in the picture.

Almost finished product. On the day of the party we just have to add a flower to each cake.

My mom and I frosting the cakes. These cakes were almost not meant to be. On the way home one of the cakes fell into the other making a complete mess all over me and our car. Then we got them home and put them in the oven. I put a sign on the over "Cakes in Oven" So that I wouldn't heat the oven with them in it. Well sign or no sign I'm betting that you can guess what I did! Yep pre heated the oven with the cakes in it. I was able to get them out before to much damage was done and they were even eatable!


  1. Are we having cake tonite ?? Those are big flip flops!

  2. You both did such a great job on making those flip flop cakes for Shenira. I want some...