Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jordon's 17th Birthday

Once again we've had another fun birthday. The day started off with decorating Jordon's cake. This was my first attempt at decorating a cake all by myself. Even though this is something that I don't enjoy it felt good to accomplish the task all on my own. John was being a smarty pants all morning long while I was trying to finish my task but in the end I won!!!! Never mess with a women and frosting!
Jordon was 9 years old when John and I met it's hard to believe that he is now 17 years old. We've had lots of fun doing different parties for him. He continues to LOVE acting and so the past two years we've done cake to reflect this part of his personality.

Here he is with the finished product and he new Michael Jackson jacket that Grandma and Grandpa Fuller got for him. He was so happy to get this jacket.

Tony's girlfriend Abby came and where there is cake their is a cake fight if those two are together. Tonight however Tony didn't plan on girl power coming into play. Here he thinks that he has her right where he wants her. He did get her pretty good but what he wasn't planning on the fact that his Grandmother, Aunt and Step-Mom would grab him so that Abby could get her revenge!!!
Happy birthday Jordon. We love you.


  1. Happy birthday to Jordan and what a great job you did on his cake!! If Jordan is 17, how old is Tony? I thought he was the oldest. Anyway, Jordan looks a lot like Tony now.

    It does look like you planned yet another successful party. :-)

  2. Tony is also 17 he will be turning 18 on February 17th. He will graduate next year and Jordon the year after.