Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Caleb

Dave and Kelly's new grandson was born on January 24th which made them grandparents for the first time...unless you ask Gabe and Gabe will tell you that he is there first Grandchild and Caleb is their second. This past weekend we were able to go and meet Caleb for the first time and Gabe totally fell in love with him. I was so impressed with how gentle he was with him and how much attention he not only gave him but also with how well he did with how much attention other people were giving to him. Gabe thinks that he is Caleb's big brother and for us that's okay. Everyone needs a good big brother even if it's just in Christ! Here are the proud grand parents with "both" of their grandson's. Kelly couldn't wait for Gabe to meet Caleb and I love this special moment that the three of them shared. Caleb right now you have no idea what an amazing Grandma & Grandpa you have but oh someday you will. You are one blessed boy. Gabe stayed with Dave & Kelly at a hotel that had a pool but we didn't know that before we left so we didn't pack a swim suit. But when you're five....This works! I love the memories that he makes. What a crazy ham he is.

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