Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prom 2010

On Saturday night Tony went to his first Prom. Abby & Tony have been dating for almost 3 year now or just over 3 years, I can't remember which but for a High School relationship they have been together for a long time. They are both so good with each other. Seeing him all dressed up in his Tux on Saturday made my mind flash forward to the day that he gets married. Trust me I'm not rushing that day in anyway but the thought did cross my mind. Tony was 10 years old when I became a part of his life. Watching him grow up has been just an amazing thing. Not always fun but amazing just the same. As you can see he is a natural with the camera which is kind of funny because he is so shy.This is "his" beautiful girl Abby. She is so sweet and we love having her be a part of our family. They compliment each other well. The way to cute couple together. Tony's step dad let him barrow his vet to take Abby to the prom in. Tony didn't tell her until he walked her out. She thought that they were taking Tony's Grandpa's truck! Her face when she saw the Vet was PRICELESS and Tony was totally thrilled with her reaction.
They had quit the crowd of people to take there pictures that evening and drove off just like a fairytale. This was the first time that Abby's parents had let them drive together outside of the city limits of Vicksburg and they were both very excited.

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  1. Wow, they are such a beautiful couple. I love the yellow they picked to wear. Tony is so handsome. What a neat surprise to have been able to drive that beautiful Corvette.

    Thanks for sharing! :-)