Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bike Fest 2009

On August 7 & 8 a group of 14 riders from our church after preparing for months took the Kal-Haven trail from Kalamazoo to South Haven. This was a 38 mile ride from the start of the trail in Kalamazoo to the Church that we stayed at overnight. John was one of the 14 to ride and I followed in the car with first aide & a bike rack just in case anyone needed it.
This is the group all ready to go.
Second check point all still have smiles and are having a great time. John is on the left in the back row.

Here they are almost at a stopping rest point. Where we had trail mix, fruit and water for them. They just have to get past the road to get to it!

John just coming into South Haven 33 miles down and only 5 more to get to the church. They stopped her for a few minutes to rest. At this point the rain had started to come down but all still had good spirits. Once we made it to the church it was off to a small park to eat dinner and then a little free time before we had to meet back at the church. This was a great boat that was in South Haven for the weekend.
These are good friends of ours. Left to Right: Pastor Dave Downs, Kelly Downs, Dale Dafoe, Becky Glenn, Ron Glenn, John and I. It was raining but that didn't stop us. What fun we had.
This is my exhausted husband. Being the terrific Dad that he is he on Thursday Aug. 6th took Tony to Bourbonnia IL to see the Chicago Bears training camp as Tony is a huge Bears fan. He then got up at 4:00 am Friday morning to drive back to Vicksburg so that Tony would be home in time for Football practice at 9:00 am and so that he would be back in time to go to a doctor appointment with me before he had to ride 38 miles that same day. Needless to say he was very ready for bed that night.
The above picture is 9 of the 14 that started to trip that on the next day got back on their bikes and made the 38 mile ride back to Kalamazoo in the pouring down rain! Not only did they have rain but also got caught in a big thunder storm on the way home and yes if you notice John is the second from the left in this picture. He was determined to finish the entire trip and did! This is Gabe killing time as we waited for 3 hours for them to get back to Kalamazoo. Because of the rain they were slowed down quite a big. But he was a trooper and never complained at all. We colored and made a fort in the back of the car, laid in the dashboard, and took lots of pictures!

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  1. Wow, John is so devoted! Good for him and the others making that trek to South Haven. Sounds like a lot of fun. Gabe did great killing time in the car with you.

    Looking forward to reading and commenting on your posts again. It's hard being consistent, it seems, in the summer.