Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Dustin

Wow 14 already! How this happens I really don't know. Dustin was 7 years old when John and I met. Dustin and I have always had a special bond. He has a very soft heart and loving nature. He is a great big brother all be it a little rough at time and I'm sure his sister wouldn't say that about him. I think he is great. This is the third year in a row that Dustin has requested a Football Themed birthday. Needless to say my ideas are running out with what to do for Football birthday cakes all I can say is thank the Lord for Internet!!This is his Football "cup"cake!I had a few extra cup cakes so we decorated those with his favorite Football teams colors. If you ask Dustin he will tell you "Go Vikings!"
A Dustin birthday party would not be complete without a water balloon fight. This year I filled 200 water balloons. It took three hours to fill the balloons and about 15 minutes for them to disappear! Thankful Shenira is able to tie balloons this year so my figures were saved a little with her help. This would be Dustin running down the middle of the street trying to get away from his Dad. Dustin was able to stay pretty dry this year....until.........Yep, that's right a little brotherly love. Come her Dustin give big brother Tony a hug!!

However, Tony and Dad still didn't think that Dustin was quite wet enough so it was.....
You guessed it, off to the Pool to where he would be thrown in cloths and all. The best part about this was that Dustin wasn't able to get John in but Tony being sneaky once Dustin was in the pool pushed John in right behind him. Wallet and all. I'm pretty sure there will be some payback coming, it's just a matter of when!

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