Monday, June 22, 2009

A terrific birthday for a terrific man!

Saturday was John's birthday. He wanted to spend the day at South Haven on the lake so that is just what we did. It was a perfect day and we all had a great time. Gabe thought it was so cool that we got to have a picnic on the boat and then he wanted Daddy to take him up to the duns. This was a very funny to watch as they had to get into the freezing cold water to wade to shore. I use the word "wade" loosely. As at one point while walking up the water went right over the top of John's head. This scared Gabe but they were able to make it to shore and all was good. This is the most amazing man EVER! Right behind Jesus of course!

This is what a the face a good daddy looks like. Gabe had decided two weeks before John's birthday that he wanted to get him a softball because daddy plays softball on the Church softball team. Daddy knew that Gabe had put a lot of thought into the gift but didn't know what it was until he opened it. I wish I would have had to camera with me so that I could have also gotten the look of pride on Gabe's face as he saw how "excited" daddy was to open his present! This is what makes a good dad--GREAT!

Daddy with his crew. It's amazing how much they have all grown in the past 6 years. Time sure passes quick but these memories along with the pictures are what we will continue to Cherish always. John is the best at making memories with his kids and for that we love him very much.
Happy Birthday John....I Love You.

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  1. I love the last photo- it's so vibrant in color.

    You ought to start doing the "You're Gonna Miss This Moment" weekly blog meme. If you need help with the linking up part, just let me know.

    Love ya!