Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Field Day

My friend Carol does "Your gonna miss this moment" post. This post is one of those for me. Yesterday was Shenira's last field day. We spend much of the day in the rain and it was freezing cold. But all in all we had a great day and time. Shenira participated in several events, The high jump, long jump, obstacle course, 40 yard dash, the 440 and the wacky relay. She did her best in every event that she was in and even if she didn't win she still had fun which is all that we ask of. This is an event we miss seeing the boys in and will miss seeing Shenira in as well. We still have one more to go but will have a little break in between Gabe and Shenira.

If you are a parent take hold of every moment the time goes by so fast.
She had to eat two crackers and then Whistle afterwards
Getting ready to kick her ball into the net

Daddy's little girl. She is growing up so fast. She will be in the Middle School next year. So hard to believe.

High Jump. Shenira is a very athletic young lady.

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  1. Jammi,

    I have to confess that somehow I forgot to add you to my blog list so that I know each time you write a post. You must have been wondering why I wasn't commenting. I'm sorry about that.

    Anyway, that is a moment you guys will miss. It sounds like a ton of fun minus the cold weather.

    You are great at blogging, my friend. I knew you would be. :-)

    Miss you!