Monday, June 1, 2009

Marrying my Bestfriend for the second time!

As some of you know John and I have been teaching marriage classes at our church. John and I both understand the importance of doing things to keep your marriage a live. We just finished with the Fireproof series and ended the series with a Marriage Vow renewal ceremony. We had five couples that participated in this ceremony with a wide range of how long each couple had been married. We had the high end of 44 year and low end was 5 years. This class touched many more marriages that the ones that you see on this screen but for these 5 that took the "plunge" again it was an amazing day. We shared this event with close friends and family.
Here Pastor Dave is address all of the couples. Judy is the cute bride in the middle. She wore the veil that she wore 44 years ago!
Saying our vows again. I've found a partner for life with John and even though so time are rough with living a life as a blended family. God has blessed us both in ways we will never understand. He is a true Rock and the way that he leads and takes care of our family is never over looked. I'm so grateful to God everyday that I get to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful man.

If you have seen the movie you know that the salt and pepper shaker was an amazing analogy that Michael made in the movie. He explains that Salt & Pepper always come together and then he proceeds to glue the two together. Caleb then picks them up and is about to try and pull them apart when Micheal tells he that if he pulls him them apart he will break either one or both of them. He is talk to Caleb about divorce in this instance and what a mind picture he sets.

A wonderful friend made this AMAZING cake for us to help celebrate our day. She went threw the painstaking task of writing words around the entire cake all three lays and she never used the same word twice. If you look closely you can also see that she used a different font for each word as well. On the bottom layer of the cake she had one phrase "Never leave your partner" which also came from the movie.

When John and I married the first time Shenira and Jordon were the only kids that come to our wedding. Today was so special to us because we were able to have all of our kids there. John's Grandparents, My Mom and John's parents also came to share the day with us.
For us it's only been five years but no matter how many years you've been married it's never to late or early to remind yourselves of the love that each of you have and of why you were married in the first place. Take some time today to appreciate your husband or wife! Your marriage will be glad that you did.


  1. I still haven't recovered - I am weeping now with tears coming down my face - I love Judy very much and pray that God will help me to be a better husband than the past 44 years. Thanks Jammi & John for this special event.

    Papa (big hugs)

  2. You have me about in tears. How beautiful! I love that movie. It should be watched by every married couple.

    Praise God for what He is doing in your lives. Say hi to John for us and congratulations on renewing your vows.

    Love and Hugs!!