Monday, June 15, 2009

First and Last Wedding Cake!!!

Oh the things that I rope my mom and I into. A good friend of mine got married in Las Vegas last month. As soon as I heard they were going to Vegas for the wedding I told her that I would have a reception for them when they got back. I went into full party planning mode and the first call I made was to my mom to see if she would come and help me make the Wedding cake. Neither of us had ever made a Wedding Cake before but, my mother has made several birthday cakes in her life so what the heck we could do this!All finished just have to add flowers to it the day of the receptionThe best part of making a cake is the frosting "Shots" that you get when you are done! Nana told Gabe that when she was all done that she was going to give him a shot. Gabe after just having real shots last week quickly said "Not thanks I don't like shots"! Nana explained that this was one "shot" that he was going to like and as you can see he did!

Our finished product!

Bride "you gonna be nice?" Groom "you gonna be nice?"I think NOT!!!! They enjoyed the cake the most!Hey David you got a little something, something on your lip!!
They both ended up with frosting up their noses before it was all said and done!But in the end still love each other!Everyone had a great time. As for the party planner in me one more party down and millions left to go!!! I'm thinking a girls Spa Night is going to be the next one!! Can't wait.

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  1. Judy and I may work as grandma and grandpa at girls camp this year - a very special assignment. Do you need a grandpa at your girls Spa Night? LOL By the way, i don't make cakes - you do a great job though.