Monday, June 1, 2009

Ever Kidnapped Your Spouse???

If you've never kidnapped your spouse before you should it's the most fun ever!!!! After our vow renewal I made plans for us to spend the night away but wouldn't tell John where we were going. It was lots of fun to keep him guess and the best part was that many of our friends knew what I was up to and would tease John about it! Together we decided that we would go Miniature Golfing as this is what we did on our actual Honeymoon several times. Then it was off to Chilli's for some chips and salsa (my favorite). After that it was then time to take him to our final destination. I started off by telling him he needed to go to Sprinkle Road once he was on Sprinkle I then pretended to be a GPS system "approaching Left turn, approaching Right turn" I did this until we made it to the final destination! He was very surprised where we went was the last place that he had thought of. Our friends let us borrow their cabin for the night. I don't have any pictures of the cabin as I left my camera in the car but here are a few from our golf outing!

Story of my night, "I just missed"!

Having fun!

Hole in One! Show off!


  1. May God bless you as you both serve him in your home!

    Thank you for your friendship!


  2. You guys are so cute. I love the commitment to your marriage that you have. And also how you teach others to do the same. Praise God!