Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teaching a Child the Joy in the Little Things

One of my biggest goals is to teach my son what it is to bring joy to someones day. Yesterday was the birthday of a very special Lady at our Church "Judy". We decided that we would surprise her with a chocolate cake. Gabe was so excited and couldn't wait for Ms. Judy to get there. As soon as he saw her enter the gym he came running into the kitchen to get me. I told him to watch for her to sit down and then come and get me. He watched every step she made and as soon as she sat down he was back in the kitchen "Okay mama come on".

Taking Ms. Judy her cake
Singing Happy Birthday. He was so proud of himself. Watching the joy in Gabe's face was almost as priceless as the joy on Judy's. My prayer for my son is that he will always keep the joy in his heart as well as his love for people for his entire life.


  1. He is such a sweet boy. Don't you just love the innocence and joy they behold? I do.

  2. What a neat surprise this was for us - I want to thank you for your kindness. Hug that boy for us!

  3. This is Judy, What a Nice surprise, first the cake and now the post. Gabe was so cute and he was excited! He is a very special boy!! He has special parents too. We pray for you all and are pleased to be a part of your life. God bless each of you. Love and prayers Ms. Judy. :)