Monday, April 5, 2010

What A Weekend!

Let the craziness begin! I took the day off of work on Friday so that I could bake Gabe's cake and take care of last minute plans for his birthday. Gabe's friends Jayce & Tyrus were going to have to miss his party so Kristi and I made plans for a play date at Chuck E Cheese. My nephew Ethan also came that night to spend the night. So John, Shenira, Gabe, Ethan and I headed to Chuck E Cheese Friday after dinner so the kids could play. They had a great time and even got to see Chuck E which made the whole night complete for Gabe. He really wanted to have his party there but due to the cost we compromised! After Chuck E Cheese daddy had a surprise for Gabe. We headed to Mejer's and Gabe was allowed to pick out two goldfish. He has been asking us for MONTHS for a fish. So this was daddy's present to Gabe. Sadly one of the fish died the very next day but Gabe too it well and we took him back after his party to replace it. He now has Nemo & Dory living in his bedroom!Saturday 4/3/10 THE BIG DAY.....Started off with an Easter Egg Hunt a our church. Gabe and Ethan both had a great time there and then it was back to home to make finale preparation for the Big Party. Somehow my little baby turned 5 today! This was the second cake that I made for Gabe's birthday this year. This was the cake for his party. We ended up with 43 people there and he had TONS of Fun even if we did have to do almost EVERYTHING inside. We played pin the tail on the dinosaur which big brother Jordon drew for Gabe. Due to the rain we had an "Dinosaur" Egg hunt in the house which didn't bother the kids either!Of course the presents came next at the request of Gabe. He was so excited he just couldn't wait. He got this cool dragon from Aunt Myra & the girls. It was then time for cake. He loved his cake which is always a plus.
After cake we had one last game to play but we had to do this one in the garage. I'm a brave mama but not that brave. No sand in the house please!!!! For this game they we digging for dinosaurs.
One of these days I'm going to miss planning these parties but for now I'm going to enjoy everyone of them. 43 people were a lot of people to have in one house but we had an awesome time!! Happy 5th Birthday Gabriel Michael Fuller.

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